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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, it’s just a piece of cloth that doesn’t represent what it should

@97ZSZB2Labor answered…3 days

Yes, it’s a fire hazard and should be punished as such. If done publicly or as a hate crime, it should be punished further

@96TCBH7 answered…1mo

@95NZ54T answered…2mos

@9353BBF answered…6mos

The Australian flag should be treated with utmost respect, as with the flag of any nation, remembering that, whatever material it is manufactured from, it is and will always remain, merely an object.

@9349LKC answered…6mos

Yes it should be illegal, but can we also change the flag to represent Aboriginal People and TSI people?

@92VD5XH answered…7mos

It shouldn’t be burnt, no, but we need to realise that the Australian flag is a flag representing the take over of this country and racism

@92DKHTJLiberal Democrat answered…7mos

No, I don’t Respect anyone who does but they should have the Right to do so because we Live in a Free Country with Free Speech or Freedom of Speech.

@92CGFKZ answered…8mos

It should be illegal to burn anything unless you are making an actual fire….

@928973H answered…8mos

Yes, other than when you burn it for respectful reasons like send offs for deceased soldiers who chose cremation or when you need to burn a flag after it touches the ground

@925F94F answered…8mos

Yes, but imprisonment would be an inappropriate punishment. A fine would be sufficient.

@8ZNMKB6 answered…9mos

I don’t think it’s the people who burn flags you should worry about. You should be concerned more about the rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and terrorists.

@8ZLS3SNGreen answered…9mos

Those who feel oppressed and disregarded due to the significance and constant depiction of the Australian flag, have the right to make their opinion be heard and accepted.

@8ZLQLWS answered…9mos

No, it’s a violation of free of speech as well as a big symbol of the lies in this patriarchal society. The amount blood spilt in the name of that flag is disturbing and is nothing but a disgrace to this country. Let it burn.

@8Z8XTK8Labor answered…9mos

this law should only apply to Australian citizens, there should be warning for burning but no major penalties unless this action is repeated.

@8Z55C7SLiberal answered…10mos

No, I don’t agree or understand anyone who does but they should have the right to do so

@leeb11Green answered…1yr

no, it represents colonisation, genocide, racism and discrimination to many. They should be allow to destroy a flag .

@8VC6KG4Independent answered…1yr

No, but add a flag related section to the Australian constitution that relates to this matter

@8T3JDFQ answered…2yrs

I think it’s wrong, however I don’t think it should be a crime

@8S2RYQY answered…2yrs

the flag represents the history of the land, the violence and the trauma. if it’s burned who cares.

@8RZP8QYNationals answered…2yrs

Yes, all flags should be public property with private individuals holding it with gov permission. We should stop the cheap commercialisation of our flag on cheap disrespectful products too as well as wearing it like a cape.

@8MBS64F answered…2yrs

Yes, it should also be illegal to burn the indigenous Australian Flag. They deserve more respect from us all.

@8H5RZLN answered…2yrs

The Australian flag is it is represents our slave penal culture to a monarch that has long forgotten us, i say burn them all secede from the crown establish our true independence and become our own nations, write our own constitution and elect our own president.

@8D2H6GM answered…2yrs

Lmao. Is it actually illegal to burn fabric? It’s a flag dude. Buy or make another one.

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, I don’t respect anyone who does but they should have the right to do so


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