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@5W3RX2YGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

No. During World War 2 the US military just buried bombs near their base/s in rural Qld and left them there for 60 years. They needed to ask for US clearance to remove them- giving US control over parts of Australia.

@9VY9B2SSocialist Alliance answered…5mos

Australia must turn communist to achieve satisfaction within the society they live in today for everyone. Once we do this we should join forces with countries with the same morals as us.

@9VF3NYHLiberal Democrat answered…7mos

Yes, and increase the amount of US bases and work with Japan as well.

@9S2N4NFReason answered…12mos

Yes, but only if they remain the property and under the control of Australia

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

This is a joke right? That’s just letting America have a solid advantage if they ever wanted to invade and take over Australia.


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