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@5WYBH4FLiberalfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Why should we fund laziness? Dental hygiene is a choice, just like taking a shower

@5YD7TB5Liberalfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

More important to control what people eat. Tax sugar and junk food

@5V8RCYRFamily Firstfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Yes, but only in cases of birth or genetic defects, not in cases of rot from poor self-care.

@5XFVGP2Greenfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

People only need dental care because of western processed diet. Flouride and fillings are so bad for you

@5XSRLBSGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

I thought fluoridating our water aimed at this, however, high sugar diets and childhood consumption of too much sugary drinks have reversed preventative dental care. Tax the sugary drinks.

@9LCZ5VTFamily First answered…1yr

Yes but only basic otherwise people will grow lazy on brushing/flossing/taking care of their teeth.

@9ZJCGT7Green answered…1wk

Yes. Dental health is important for our overall health. Good dental health will prevent diseases for which people have to be hospitalised and thus benefit everybody in the long run.

@9Z74VCJLiberal answered…4wks

Basic dentist treatment is no different than getting other medical treatment. There should be a government subsidy to at least cover a big part of dentist expenses

@9Y989CDLiberal Democrat answered…3mos

Yes, but only for children, senior citizens, military and veterans.

@IOXSIndependent answered…6mos

@9RXLL3KOne Nation answered…12mos

Yes, but I think the issue is more the foods we eat and lack of dental hygiene. Fluoride should not be the main solution to this as it is not the best for our bodies. Universal dental care is better suited to those with genetic diseases regarding oral health etc


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