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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, a national high-speed fibre optic network is crucial for the future of Australia's economy

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, a more cost effective solution should be developed such as fibre to the node

@4VLW888Greenfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

Rich Western cointries should be investing money to help poorer countries instead of moving forward and forgetting about those in need

@4THS3BKfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Again more fraud in the government and businesses taking advantage of stupid politicians. The massive blowout with almost no accountability is absurd. I say privatise only because governments these days lack the capability to do government works effectively. We can't even build roads, almost all major roads recently have been done privately and now we pay toll. Just another tax on the people this will be the same. so sad.

@4VLSCL6Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

In a science where technology advances are inevitable, why would we commit to a project which will almost certainly be outdated by the time it is rolled out. This is a massive land area we are trying to cover. Wireless has to be the way forward.

@4VPGPSLfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

@96JKSL7Labor answered…2mos

NBN should be government funded and free for all citizens to use.

@9344N6Z answered…7mos

No, the money should be invested into development of better forms of internet access

@932ZMLZ answered…7mos

@932MZ4Z answered…7mos

Yes, but only because the coalition government screwed it up for Murdoch by downgrading & overspending - don't give it away to the rich now, just when it's nearly finished

@92ND2L9 answered…7mos

Yes, but prioritize the areas of high population density and let the project fund it as much as possible.

@8Y3CS9MGreen answered…12mos

Yes, they should replace copper with fibre as per the original plan.

@8Y3CS9MGreen answered…12mos

@8QZM3MD answered…2yrs

No, a focus of both fibre to the node and wireless must be utilised.

@8PKRBL9Labor answered…2yrs

@H2RFWJfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Go with cost effective approach and allow individuals to elect to pay for fibre to home where required

@H2S2K5from New South Wales  answered…2yrs

No - apparently we don't have the money for our elderly peolpe who paid their taxes to watch all the parasites we import get everything and they want to worry about a computer going faster how about the real issues that affect eveyone not just a few

@GZXWL5from Victoria  answered…2yrs

The government should not be involved in any industry like rail and banking

@H38RLVfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Build to the node then if people need fibre to home, pay themselves from node to home. Save 60 billion this way.

@H2FDF8from New South Wales  answered…2yrs

I think it is best, but should be left as a lower priority. Once Australia actually has money (is out of debt), we should start focusing on these things.

@8HC4PG9Liberal answered…2yrs

Yes, but regulate the money strongly, and fix the cost. If companies run over or are not efficient then they lose money.

@8F953DT answered…2yrs

No, it is redundant technology already. (Starlink & similar technological developments will supersede quickly.)

@8DHFL2N answered…2yrs

Yes, but use newer, actually useful, equipment so the network isn’t receptive.


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