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@62RCD7NKatter’s Australian Partyfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Only families who are not Sunni Islam followers and who come from countries where we have no embassy. We should process our own refugees in a special isolated community (not fenced) but those to be processed must wear a id tracking band and stay in the refugee town. Anyone removing the band before being accepted will face instant deportation. Refugees must be processed within a 1 year time frame. Must have a mental, health, and attitude assessment before being accepted. Those with negative/violent points of views of Australia and its citicens (both male and female)must not be accepted.

@633B9LKFamily Firstfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

These queue jumpers have to be taught a lesson, come by boat and you never ever are accepted as an immigrant

@62FD9TYGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

No, instead of turning back the boats - we should be escorting people back to the point of departure, and ensure that we do so in accordance with international law. Offshore processing is the only humane alternative to prevent enticing people to make the perilous journey. For those afraid of terrorists- they should know that the overwhelming majority of fanatics are from wealthy middle & upper classes, and who come by plane.

@62S7NS4Greenfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

Yes, they need to enter into a 6 year program of 2 years of counselling culture/language education, 1 year of training into a job and 3 years working for community services like work for the dole. Give back to the community if they are not working.

@9X8HJ9DAnimal Justice answered…4mos

tougher measures need to be included with boats arriving due to the locating they’re arriving from. doesn’t matter where they’re processed just need to be more strict. less harsh conditions too

@9VRQDRXIndependent answered…6mos

Only accept as many as we can welcome and ensure they are acceptable people

@9VR78MBLiberal answered…6mos

Take them in but investigate them and if anythings comes up send them back where they came from.

@9VNRVD3Science answered…6mos

We should accept asylum-seeking boat immigrants but should try and keep them away from big cities until we know who they are, their history etc.

@9V46YQNGreen answered…8mos

Yes, but to monitored on a strict schedule. Humans deserve to be treated like humans. The schedule in my opinion should include home visits and community contribution updates.

@9RW5TMBLabor answered…12mos

@9QRVZF3Arts Party answered…1yr

@9Q65PFVNick Xenophon Team answered…1yr

yes, but perform extensive security checks with constant supervision

@9ML49NWLabor answered…1yr

Under strict checking, yes but if they commit a crime then they should go back.

@9HMB27BNationals answered…1yr

Yes, they should be treated the same as those arriving by air, however, should be made to follow conventional naval immigration processes such as arriving at a port

@9HL5RQXPirate Party answered…1yr

Yes - if they meet the requirements to be in Australia and have come here legally, with the intent to positively contribute to our country. They should not sap resources or have benefits more than Australians.

@9HFY9GFLiberal answered…1yr

They should be held in captivity and go through thorough background checks before they can be considered to become refugees. But otherwise no.

@9FWTSM2Arts Party answered…1yr

Yes, and should asylum be granted they should go through a psychological recovery program.

@9DB8L57Green answered…1yr

yes, but a background check is necessary before entering the country

@9D9V6VSAnimal Justice answered…1yr

Yes, But proceed with security screenings and background checks on all citizens

@9D8ZFJCLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

Ensure that our own country is looked after first and ensure background checks on those entering Australia.

@9ZNMCM2Liberal answered…3 days

Yes, process them onshore but put more effort into stopping them in the first place through better use of intelligence. Put them to work on farms or in other in demand labour roles.

@9ZH8QPHReason answered…2wks

To an extent. If they can provide the documentation then yes. However if they are extremely vulnerable, e.g. risk of persecution etc then they should be allowed freely. Focus on children especially

@9ZC3QXJHealth Australia answered…3wks

We need to be able to take care of the people already here properly.

@9Z8D896Independent answered…3wks

Stop boats, but drastically increase amount of legitimate refugees we take in

@9Z7N5PWLiberal answered…3wks

Yes, but have a reduced amount of asylum-seeking boat immigrants

@9Z7BY28Pirate Party answered…4wks

@9Z4QMNGLabor answered…1mo

Not all of the worlds problems are ours to solve, we have other problems to worry about.

@9YYBD8QFamily First answered…2mos

@9YT4ZYTDemocratic Labour answered…2mos

Yes, after being processed and checked out they should be allowed to start a new life in Australia and be supported.


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