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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, turn the boats back at sea and process them offshore with hard security checks and temporary protection visas

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, turn the boats back at sea and process them offshore with hard security checks and no temporary protection visas

@4ZQBC6MKatter’s Australian Partyfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Only families who are not Sunni Islam followers and who come from countries where we have no embassy. We should process our own refugees in a special isolated community (not fenced) but those to be processed must wear a id tracking band and stay in the refugee town. Anyone removing the band before being accepted will face instant deportation. Refugees must be processed within a 1 year time frame. Must have a mental, health, and attitude assessment before being accepted. Those with negative/violent points of views of Australia and its citicens (both male and female)must not be accepted.

@4ZDC8SXGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

No, instead of turning back the boats - we should be escorting people back to the point of departure, and ensure that we do so in accordance with international law. Offshore processing is the only humane alternative to prevent enticing people to make the perilous journey. For those afraid of terrorists- they should know that the overwhelming majority of fanatics are from wealthy middle & upper classes, and who come by plane.

@52298KJfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

These queue jumpers have to be taught a lesson, come by boat and you never ever are accepted as an immigrant

@4ZR6MR3from South Australia  answered…2yrs

Yes, they need to enter into a 6 year program of 2 years of counselling culture/language education, 1 year of training into a job and 3 years working for community services like work for the dole. Give back to the community if they are not working.

@98VDJBG answered…3 days

Yes, and learn from overseas situations by investing in sustainable and adequate integration programs for screening , education and job placement.

@98TN7N3 answered…4 days

@98LDNWJfrom Massachusetts  answered…3wks

If they are fleeing authoritarian totalitarian rule sure let em in but have the immigration be somewhat controlled too many people and it's gonna cause a problem

@98GM3CT answered…1mo

Ensure that better legal pathways to asylum are establish which do not require embarking on a boat.

@986DK54 answered…2mos

@9849XJJ answered…2mos

yes but i will depending why (e.g people trying to escape from they country and they cannot escape by air)

@982PSGVLiberal answered…2mos

Depending on the circumstance, whether they are criminals or refugees from another country due to environmental issues.

@97ZGQFK answered…2mos

Make sure they are safe and investigate the situation before allowing them in

@97ZG4KF answered…2mos

Yes do not turn them back but screen them. These people only came by boat out of desperation, we should not turn them back. However, we need to be cautious about certain cultural differences when integrating them into society so prevent increased violence.

@97Z39VHOne Nation answered…2mos

Have onshore processing. With less detainment but harsher penalties for trouble makers

@97YS6GQGreen answered…2mos

@97XP8N3 answered…2mos

It's hard but these people need help other than being homed on an island . It's very difficult

@97XNTRP answered…2mos

Investigate the immigrants first then accept or send them back based on the information gathered about them

@97XN3JT answered…2mos

Yes, But we should restrict the number of asylum-seeking boat immigrants, and have them tested for disease and illness before being allowed to cross into the country

@97WK4XC answered…2mos

@97QRLTH answered…3mos

Yes, allow them to live here like any other person. But the main goal shouldn't be normalising the crisis which they are fleeing, which we are doing by taking it as moral for them to arrive here. but ending the crisis overseas.

@975QXCT answered…3mos

It doesn’t seem morally right to turn them away, though australia may not have the infrastructure in place to support them. There should be dedicated facilities to help them get settled into Australia.

@96WVX39Democratic Labour answered…3mos

Yes, but they must have a visa prepared within 4 years of being in detention or have one prepared

@96SXZHZ answered…3mos

support them and do hard security checks not matter of ethnicity or religion or culture excreta but if we are having something like a population crisis take that into account

@96M4668 answered…3mos

@96KTCWDLabor answered…3mos

Yes, but thorough background checks should be made and facilities should be made available for asylum seekers.

@96KN5M6Liberal answered…3mos

Yes however they can't have any bad record and they should come to the country and be educated with the language and school

@96JKSL7Labor answered…3mos

No, if they can afford to pay a people smuggler, then they should be able to enter legally and be processed through the proper channels


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