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@9T3SZRZAnimal Justice answered…10mos

as long as rightful land and wildlife aren’t hurt or damaged

@9HRPVSTSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

The government should improve all public transport as a means of abolishing private transport. Public transport should be efficient and free

@9ZK3V4CIndependent answered…1wk

No, but encourage more investment from the private sector and free up red tape.

@9ZJXCYWArts Party answered…1wk

yes as long as it benefits regional australians not just sydney and melbourne

@9Y989CDLiberal Democrat answered…3mos

Yes, and work with Japanese railway companies to ensure this will happen.

@9TCBWW8Reason answered…9mos

@9VTNNJQLiberal Democrat answered…6mos

Privatised hyperloops, the first person to do it is gonna be in the interest of making a lot of money, and with IP abolished there would be many more until the industry can't make more money due to competition and supply/demand

@9VLBC5YScience answered…7mos

Yes, and add stops at small towns and villages to increase tourism

@9SKW9KJNationals answered…11mos

There would not be enough demand with the vast distances between cities

@AurynLibertarian answered…1yr

No, leave it to the private corporations rather than the government

@9N9N82XLiberal answered…1yr

Only between state capitals and regional cities, e.g Newcastle to Canberra via Sydney or Wide Bay to Ballina NSW or Melbourne to Geelong

@9LJ4BXVAnimal Justice answered…1yr

No, but definitely in the future when it’s more affordable and practical to travel between cities/states.

@9J6T2MPReason answered…1yr

i think yes, starting with the east being our most populated, and then moving to incorporate the rest of the country, a high speed rail will cut the shipping times of goods thus lowering prices, but will also facilitate long range workers in traveling to and from distant work sites.

@9FXWWMZScience answered…1yr

The use of Tesla trucks are far more economical than rail transportation for goods. However, a hyperloop for people would be very beneficial for major cities, allowing people not dwelling in cities to work in cities and arrive on time


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