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@95CHQD6Green answered…3wks

If they are entitled to use the land to support the Australian economy as much as their own wealth

@93GJJHJ answered…4mos

Yes, if they are approved by a review board but add restrictions so we can protect the jobs of our farmers.

@9353BBF answered…5mos

The sale of Australian agricultural land and water should be closely monitored to avoid excessive foreign ownership/interference.

@933R4CCGreen answered…5mos

We should allow Indigenous custodians to make decisions about their land.

@933P6XW answered…5mos

No, land and water ought not be bought and sold at all, but managed as part of a commons for the good of all creatures who live here.

@92P5QLH answered…5mos

If they aren't living here then why should they own the land? The land belongs to the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders (first nation people).

@92JF9B9 answered…5mos

No they should be given back to the Traditional Owners in a Treaty Process

@92J9SVT answered…5mos

Yes, give water to foreign buyers but keep Australian agricultural lands of the market.

@9294HWC answered…6mos

No, and the same should be true of mines and other large-scale operations

@92745FY answered…6mos

Not to the China government, China's state owned enterprises and entities and people who are closely related to the China government.

@9236KWK answered…6mos

No, unless the foreign buyers are proven to facilitate more environmentally sustainable practises than Australian buyers

@8ZXHS63Christian Democratic answered…6mos

No, and forcebly acquire assets that already are already foreign owned.

@8Z9BKK6Socialist Alliance answered…7mos

It should be up to First Nations people/traditional land owners and a community not just an individual who can be corrupted / paid off

@8Z63VR3One Nation answered…8mos

Reduce foreign ownership below controlling interest possibilities

@8YWHZZZ answered…8mos

Only if they are approved by a review board and the jobs of our farmers are protected

@8Y435BKChristian Democratic answered…10mos

No, our land! Forcebly acquire foreign owned land with compensation.

@8TX88ZRSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

Australia must give land back to the Indigenous tribes that originally owned and lived on it.

@8PD5TBK answered…2yrs

Yes, but maintain crown ownership. The only reason to take the land back would be through military action due to war.

@GWNGVGfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Our land should never be sold, it could be leased, a thirty or fifty year lease.

@8KJPSDHPirate Party answered…2yrs

We should only allow leasing with no environmental damage assurance and no damming or diverting our water ways!

@8HNYJYG answered…2yrs

All land should only be bought and sold by those holding Australian citizenship. Selling land to foreigners or foreign companies should be abolished.

@8F953DT answered…2yrs

Yes regards agricultural land subject to a Review Board determination. Water purchases should remain under control of a Review Board & be subject to constant review. Water as a 'commodity' to be traded requires to be totally overhauled.


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