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@5WQH5PWFamily Firstfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

How do you determine rich? Its not about salary really is it. The filthy rich do not receive standard pay and wages as normal workers do. It's these people that must be taxed and that includes all they receive and spend as corporate expenses . The normal worker gets taxed on perks and allowances. The filthy rich get away without any issue on their perks and out of pockets!

@5V2Q4PWGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Yes, but also take into consideration the number of children supported in the household

@9V2V9ZBGreen answered…8mos

@9YVHW8DIndependent answered…2mos

Increase taxation on high-earning companies, increase wealth tax, decrease income tax.

@9HFH7ZHLabor answered…1yr

@9VZSM2CReason answered…5mos

Yes, but in a fair state. We should discuss methods for doing so. Keeping this diplomatic.

@9VTB2BFIndependent answered…6mos

yes. but define rich first - are we talking about those who earn so much, that they don't even pay tax anymore????

@9QRFHM2Nationals answered…1yr

Yes. Because it is not fair if people who aren't rich get taxed, but people that are rich they don't get taxed. But they should, because everyone '... is equal.'

No, but instead of tax exemptions for global organizations operating in Australia, these should be reinstated.

@9KGBVPRNationals answered…1yr

I would depend on what “rich” is, $100k, $150k, $200k, how does one decide what is rich

@9JHPS3FHealth Australia answered…1yr

Yes, and the money from the taxes goes to important things including things for the poor.

@9JD77FRAnimal Justice answered…1yr

Increase for the rich and decrease for the poor and increase for the big companies.

@9VRZ6KYConservatives answered…6mos

Take the time to find the people, the rich people, who avoid paying taxes

@9VBPLDDLabor answered…7mos

Yes, raise the tax for the rich until nobody is richer than the other

@9SR82R5Liberal answered…10mos

@9S8S6FLScience answered…11mos

i think that the poorer someone is the less that they should pay in taxes and the richer the more they pay in taxes. i also believe that large business loop holes need to go

@9ZLF5T9Liberal answered…2 days

Lower taxes for low income and find a way to tax the super rich.

@9ZHXZ58Labor answered…5 days

Remove income tax for salaries and wages, tax wealth, sales and companies.

@9ZHSP3BGreen answered…6 days

it would be a combination of lowering the taxes for the poor and lowering the income tax rate and removing all existing tax loopholes for large corporations

@9ZD7NDMGreen answered…2wks

Keep personal income tax rate the way it is currently and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations

@9ZC3QXJHealth Australia answered…2wks

People who are in the everyday workforce are living under the the poverty line. Some people can't even afford to lease a bedroom and coach surf to survive and in a sense would be called homeless.

@9ZBQZ5RGreen answered…2wks

remove tax loopholes for large corporations and increase taxes on large multinational corporations

@9ZB6QR3Liberal answered…2wks

@9Z33RZLLabor answered…1mo

Keep current tax brackets, and increase regulations so that high income earners and large corporations pay the taxes they should

@9YXJTH3Nick Xenophon Team answered…2mos

There should be slight changes and tax increase to go to better infrastructure and healthcare.

@9YTYLF6Science answered…2mos

Raise taxes for the rich and lower taxes for the lower income brackets.

@9YT4ZYTDemocratic Labour answered…2mos

Yes, have people be taxed fairly for the wealth they have and are making compared to all other people.

@9YT3TJ8Pirate Party answered…2mos

Yes, but the Uber rich not the people who earn more than the average income (eg $90000-$200000). People like dentist or doctors who earn much, much more annually eg $500000 a year

@9YRLX78Socialist Alliance answered…2mos

Increase tax for the filthy rich and elite/big corporations. People who fall into the higher income brackets thus falling into the ‘rich’ category as a result of working multiple jobs or working ridiculous hours with high labour jobs should not see a tax increase.

@9YPR6BSGreen answered…2mos

@9YKHMF5Health Australia answered…2mos

Yes, match their tax with their wage along with removing the existing tax loopholes for large corporations.

@9XWWKS4Liberal answered…3mos

No because Richer people may have worked harder for their money.


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