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@9YGGZZWNationals answered…2mos

I do not have an opinion on this, as I am uneducated on the subject.

@9VR78MBLiberal answered…6mos

yes but we should dispose of the waste correctly and not use it to much.

@9VT755ZNationals answered…5mos

To be honest, really think it should only be used for only good reasons

@Sam5924Socialist Alliance answered…7mos

we should fund the research into nuclear fusion for cleaner, less dangerous nuclear power.

@9TBKMPCAnimal Justice answered…9mos

@9NDKGM7Democratic Labour answered…1yr

yes, only if it is not near any towns and is used less because we are trying to find renewable energy

@9MBMTR2Family First answered…1yr

yes but in a location where if something goes wrong, nobody will be harmed in the event.

@9F9CSG6Animal Justice answered…1yr

Yes, but only if the nuclear plants are situated a safe distance from towns

@9ZHZ4TKSocialist Alliance answered…2 days

No, other alternatives are cheaper and it requires too much investment and risk

@broad3One Nation answered…2wks

We need more coal fired Power Stations because it's more stable and reliable

@9YV2XLSLabor answered…2mos

Yes if new designs prove to be safe and efficient. Having a nuclear industry may long term be more important than needing nuclear electricity specifically for our grid.

@9YPR6RXLabor answered…2mos

I belive we should start using Thorium as it makes more energy, makes less waste, and can be held in the hand without the issue of radiation because it is less fissionable then standard uranium.

@9YKDM37Liberal answered…2mos

Only once technology has been created to reduce waste and improve storage

@9YFVW7PLabor answered…2mos

I do not have all of the relevant information to have an opinion on this question.

@9Y32YCTReason answered…3mos

Yes, as long as it it completely safe and that it isn’t near any major towns so that if an accident happened not too many people will be harmed.

@9XR5RVWYabloko answered…3mos

Yes, as it is much cleaner than traditional coal-burning methods.

@9XNN85HLabor answered…3mos

If it is used to benefit mankind then sure, but if it is used for war then NO.

@9XLNL6QSocialist Alliance answered…3mos

Yes, but we should focus on alternatives such as wind, hydroelectric, thorium, and geothermal.

@9WLGMS3Liberal answered…4mos

As I know of now, anything can be a use of power, I saw a headline once that private businesses are our future power sources, so if harnessing nuclear energy brings harm to the environment and other power sources make nuclear energy look like a joke, than it should be banned.

@9WFDF99Labor answered…4mos

Yes, temporarily while we increase investment into cleaner renewable alternatives so long as it is a nationalized industry

@9VY9B2SSocialist Alliance answered…5mos

Yes. However, we should change the where the source of Uranium. Instead of finding in mined ore, we should find it in seawater.

@9VR7BNVLiberal answered…6mos

I don't want our country turning into Chernobyl, and then we need to leave the country.

@9VQYQNLLiberal answered…6mos

Yes but I think we should be careful with it don't use radioactive waste as dump. And don't use it to much.

@9VNL7ZWLabor answered…6mos

Somewhat I don't really know much about it to make a stance

@9VLHLHFHealth Australia answered…6mos

Yes, but invest into better nuclear power sources such as Thorium instead of uranium, which is primarily used for its biproduct plutonium which is used for nuclear weapons development.


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