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Yes, they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

Yes, but with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines

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No because they aren't mature enough yet to be able to handle needles

@9447FSJ answered…2mos

yes, but only when the vaccines have long term sufficient data to support the safety and efficacy.

@943SZ88 answered…2mos

yes, but all kids have to be tested to see if they have any allergies to said needle

@HippopiJ answered…2mos

Yes, and parents who refuse vaccination for their children should be charged with neglect if their child is infected.

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No, parents decision whether or not they should be vaccinated if they want their child to be then they can if they don't that's their choice

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Yes, but not for relatively recent & untested vaccines like those relating to COVID.

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Yes; vaccination of children should be mandated; adverse vaccination reactions should be managed via development of pre-vaccination screenings, and full medical compensation, of long and short term side effects, provided to those with an adverse reaction(s).

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yes, but only for deadly contagious diseases with exception for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines

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Yes, but only for vaccines that have had appropriate time to be developed and with low mortality rates

@933ZZKS answered…5mos

Only the ones we already recieve, nothing new until they are adult.

@933YCJD answered…5mos

Yes, however vaccines that have not gone through the rigours of longitudinal testing should not be regulated until such times as they have passed such rigour.

@933W4QC answered…5mos

Yes to Polio, TB etc and preventable vacines but do not agree to Covid mandates or Flue mandates

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Depending on the severity reaction of the child to the vaccination. If the vaccination is making the child sicker than the actual disease then there should be a choice not to vaccinate that child. Everyone is effected differently and that should be put into consideration.

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Yes, but not for covid-19 as it is not dangerous to kids and the vaccine has not been properly tested and deemed safe.

@933SC58 answered…5mos

guys y'all r so silly I swear its the persons choice no matter what.

@933RKGN answered…5mos

Id personally vaccine my my kids, but everyone has their own rights!

@933NYTJ answered…5mos

Keep it as is including covid vaccines people who want it will get it

@933M6HN answered…5mos

Covid-19 is not preventable even with a vaccine. However, other vaxes I agree with as long as it is not likely to harm them.

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Yes, except for continuous objections for religious or other reasons, they need to demonstrate they have an understanding of the risk associated with the decision


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