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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, not until China meets strict humanitarian and animal rights standards

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, and we should do more to prevent the outsourcing of Australian jobs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, but only if China agrees to float the yuan and end its currency manipulation

@4XXZQTVfrom South Australia  answered…2yrs

How can you (not) support something that you are not allowed to know all the details of?

@4ZHZGV4from New South Wales  answered…2yrs

How about a free trade agreement with other third world countries instead of continually feeding the monster in China. China pouring so much throw away trash into this country and Australia's are frittering their hard earned dollars on rubbish that turns into landfill. I want to see other countries from the third world given more opportunities to do trade with Australia.

@987BL56 answered…2mos

No, China will never abide by any agreements we need to reduce our reliance on China to below 25% of GDP as soon as practicable

@984C83N answered…2mos

Yes, we can't afford, economically or militarily, to make an enemy of China

@982P6XLNick Xenophon Team answered…2mos

No, because then China will control Australia through trade. Australia should not be dependent on trade from any nation, including China, Germany and the US. Australia is a FREE, DEMOCRATIC nation, a SUPERPOWER in the PACIFIC, we do not need any foreign nation controlling us!!!

@97ZHCMG answered…2mos

We should buy home country first and support local economy much more.Not saying do not trade with China but increase home trade and be more independent.

@97TH8BH answered…2mos

Australia should not have a disproportionate trade volume with any single country as it does with China. Free trade agreements by their nature are political rather than rationally economic. The number of bilateral and multilateral agreements, (not only trade), is ridiculous and often are in logical conflict from one agreement to another

@96DR35N answered…4mos

Kinda of but also we shouldnt be so dependable on China for trade and services

@942VKVG answered…6mos

No, not until China meets strict humanitarian rights standards (Xin- Xiang, Hong Kong, South China Sea, Chinese corporations with CCP ties overseas) and halts it’s military intimidation and propaganda war over Taiwan.

@934ZMKYLabor answered…8mos

No, we should do more to prevent the outsourcing of Australian jobs, and not until China ages to float the yuan and meets strict humanitarian and animal rights stds

@934ND5YGreen answered…8mos

No, Australia should be aiming at self sufficiency and should not be partnering with countries that do not meet human rights, animal rights and environmental sustainability benchmarks.

@9346VCD answered…8mos

No, we should do more to prevent outsourcing Australian jobs and china companies should be forced to meet strict standard humanitarian and animal rights

@9335SRZ answered…9mos

Yes, so long as the products meet environmental safety standards for people and pollution.

@92ZGQHX answered…9mos

Only if China agrees to operate within renegotiated rules which are fair.

@92YJFZ4 answered…9mos

I actually don’t know enough about this to form an opinion. I think we need to keep a lot more jobs and produce for ourselves, I think China need to improve human and animal rights practices but I think it would be hypocritical of Australia to enforce that on them unless we improve our own. It’s complicated and nuanced. I don’t actually know.

@92WGVZH answered…9mos

Neither for or against, Australia needs to stand up and start producing more home grown but of course we will still out source to other countries, not only china

@92VGH4V answered…9mos

I don't have enough of an understanding about this to have a solid opinion.

@92TP7CJ answered…9mos

No, and we should do more to prevent the outsourcing of Australian jobs No, not until China meets strict humanitarian and animal rights standards

@92SYBWX answered…9mos

@92SSPM4 answered…9mos

No. Not until the CCP stop 'legally' dehumanising people such as the unborn, Christians and Muslims

@92SRJCK answered…9mos

@92LP87W answered…9mos

China should be hit with a Tarif for our iron ore because they need our iron ore and we need to pay off debt.

@92FD37J answered…9mos

No, not until China meets strict humanitarian and animal rights standards and do more to keep Australian jobs

@92D3KZD answered…10mos

Yes, but we should still aim to reduce outsourcing of Australian jobs.

@9294HWC answered…10mos

No and we should do more to prevent outsourcing from Australia as well as actively push for China to meet stricter humanitarian standards.

@92868K5 answered…10mos

@aicro answered…10mos

No, Australia should distance itself from China and begin aligning itself more closely with countries within the Asian continent whom share similar ethics, ideals and interests.

@8ZZM349Independent answered…10mos

Australia should continue to trade with China, but find alternative partners to trade with.

@8ZV3SNL answered…10mos

Yes, but Australia should attempt to become less dependent on Chinese imports, especially amidst the threat of WW3 and human rights violations by the CCP

@8ZS2ZM9Independent answered…11mos

@8ZRGJR3Liberal answered…11mos

Yes provided China respects Australia's genuine freedom and independence


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