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@637JL6GGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Some basics should remain centralised, including distribution of water, food, shelter, education and health-care. States should put forth their best plans for delivering high standards of schooling. It appears likely a better model would be central-state collaboration for both education and health. For example, it is incredulous that Australia has 9 different laws regarding abortion in the country in the 21st century!!

@639WQMNLaborfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

By and large schools are useless - I would recommend the government gets rid of them

@9ZCBYZ4Green answered…2wks

No, Federal funding with state oversight for allocation of funds for better management.

@9WGRNW5Green answered…4mos

@9W4FFGPGreen answered…5mos

Whether it's State or Federal it should all be from the same tier of government.

@9VPL4VMDemocratic Labour answered…6mos

No, all education (primary through secondary) should take place within and be regulated by the immediate family and its surrounding community.

@9VBPCS5Science answered…7mos

State should control school funding but the federal government should observe and regulate.

@9XDJZW6Liberal answered…4mos

No, the states cannot be trusted to use funds appropriately.

@9TSCGJTGreen answered…9mos

it wont make a difference the most money will go to private schools anyway

@Gamer69Centre Alliance answered…11mos

Yes because all school funding will be around the same but also no because some areas will be different in wealth

@9RLVFZFLiberal Democrat answered…12mos

Allow states to fund but the federal government should as well.

@9N964KCSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

It should be joint funding between the state and federal Government

@9L4TW2PReason answered…1yr

No, public schools should also receive more funding and private schools less funding, it is creating inequality at the roots of society.

@9KC2FHZAnimal Justice answered…1yr

I think they should greatly reduce funding to private schools and greatly increase funding to public schools, as school fees are not required for public schools, limiting the money available to the schools.

@9HMCTN7Liberal answered…1yr

@9HL5RQXPirate Party answered…1yr

No - the control should remain with the Federal Government, who can monitor the progress of students across Australia and ensure that funding is dispersed correctly so as not to disadvantage any student within the country. All students should have the same opportunity.

@62NL25DGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

The education system needs an overhaul. We are teaching kids to confirm and live in fear just like most adults do. To not think for themselves and question everything they are being taught.

@9ZK48KPLiberal answered…2 days

Both the States and the Federal Government should fund schools.

@9ZJXCYWArts Party answered…3 days

@9ZJD6Q9Labor answered…3 days

It's already primarily a star concern. Feds should get out of funding private and religious schools

@9ZJCGT7Green answered…3 days

No. Look what happened with Local Schools, Local decisions. Nothing but nepotism.

@9Z6Y3BMScience answered…3wks

They shouldn't, but communicate with the states to better understand and plan where the money goes

@9Z4DTBNGreen answered…1mo

No, Australia should have a blanket standard across the country and finding should be allocated accordingly to ensure that.

@9YT4ZYTDemocratic Labour answered…2mos

No, but states should be allowed to have a say in the price of their schools.

@9YMXJSBLabor answered…2mos

No, but the Government should not Fund Private/Religious education Institutions

@9YHG4HZLabor answered…2mos

Depending on how the state is doing financially, if it is in debt then the federal government should pay, if no then the state should pay

@9YGCP3SBetter Families answered…2mos

Yes, provided that the school's are overviewed to ensure proper funding.

@Galabrielle1Green answered…2mos

Yes, the state governments should have programs relevant to their environments.

@9Y6PMMXOne Nation answered…3mos

Schools and education should be out of the hands of government.

@9Y37FHYLiberal answered…3mos

No, funding from the federal government should disregard the socio-economic status of a school, but rather the tertiary entry percentage to student ratio

@9XR3XBZGreen answered…3mos

Yes, they should turn over funding to the states so they can do more specific changes

@9XLNL6QSocialist Alliance answered…3mos

The Federal government should increase public school funding.

@9XF7557Labor answered…4mos

School funding needs to be managed at the government level, principles should not be deciding on who to hire based on how much money they have in their 'briefcase' of funds they are issued with every year. It should be the best person for the job with the best experience.


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