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@526HK5Ffrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Some basics should remain centralised, including distribution of water, food, shelter, education and health-care. States should put forth their best plans for delivering high standards of schooling. It appears likely a better model would be central-state collaboration for both education and health. For example, it is incredulous that Australia has 9 different laws regarding abortion in the country in the 21st century!!

@528VPLMfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

By and large schools are useless - I would recommend the government gets rid of them

@993L6YP answered…2 days

state governments already determine the distribution of funds to local governments

@98YJBHR answered…1wk

All school funding should be means-tested. We should also try to amalgamate schools, to reduce costs and ease the teacher shortage.

@98F4TB4 answered…2mos

If we are all to identify equally as Australians then education needs to be the same across the country so it should remain federal.

@986B6DWLiberal answered…2mos

In most states, this can be acceptable. However, with the current state of Victorian politics, I think it is safe to stay the way we are.

@964VVWY answered…4mos

Schools are already a state matter constitutionally. However for the states to take a lager role their revenue would need to increase

@93TNBJR answered…7mos

They should give the states school funding money and allow the states to divide it equally among the state schools in their state

@93NXG6Y answered…7mos

No, the federal government should get a national curriculum as well as having balanced funding between public and private sectors, so no student will be left behind.

@93GJJHJ answered…8mos

The federal government and the states should split their school funding

@93D5LZ2 answered…8mos

Australian schooling should be a federal syllabus therefore funded by the Aust government

@934XMC5 answered…9mos

The State Government already funds the majority of public education.

@934PYGP answered…9mos

Ultimately, as long as schools are sufficiently funded, I'm not concerned which government it comes from. Perhaps a combination of both would be optimal.

@9342BL7 answered…9mos

@933RC79 answered…9mos

@933LLWL answered…9mos

Changing the responsible government won’t address underlying issues around equity

@9337GBZ answered…9mos

The state system should be abolished and a federation established

@932D2ZRGreen answered…9mos

Yes, but only with a base outline of minimum requirements of equal opportunity and equity to be made available across all schools and students within the state.

@92ZH7P8 answered…9mos

Federal government should oversee education nationally and take it away from states

@92ZDMK6 answered…9mos

Government shouldn’t fund schools, education should be privatised. Families could receive an education subsidy from the government to put towards their children’s education.

@92ZD89XLiberal Democrat answered…9mos

School funding should be given to the parents (with suitable controls).

@92Z8JGJ answered…9mos

The department does not no what there doing the should be run by teachers at least they know what's schools need and students

@92YKYN7 answered…9mos

The funding should be allocated in the form of vouchers on a per student basis to empower parental choice.

@92YFNP2 answered…9mos

@92Y9648Green answered…9mos

No, but the way in which funding is doled out needs reviewing i.e. private vs state school funding disparities (to state school disadvantage).

@92XVRH9 answered…9mos

75% of funding should be provided at a state level the remaining 25% should be provided at a Federal level.

@92X6Y87 answered…9mos

No, education should be equal across all states and therefore looked after federally


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