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@97CW7M4Liberalfrom New York  answered…3wks

Yes, but the cost must be regulated to make GPs accessible to the majority

@93R3M8Y answered…5mos

Yes it should but then GOs would charge or charge more disadvantaging those without private health

@9344DLM answered…6mos

GP should be covered by free healthcare for all living in Australia

@932D887 answered…7mos

Yes by covering the gap you pay so it's still a free service for the citizen and the GP gets paid

@92RCG5L answered…7mos

Yes, but with regulation to fix the costs and reduce the risk of escalating inequality.

@92LTWLD answered…7mos

They should be allowed to cover them, but there should be a set rate so doctors can't charge higher rates just because it's insured.

@92KRJL8 answered…7mos

Yes they should, however, your full drs visit should be covered by Medicare if they increased the level of health care we received via Medicare.

 @DrewWolfSP from GU answered…7mos

No, private health insurance should be abolished as it undermines our Public System.

@92DPNQQ answered…7mos

@92DL299 answered…7mos

Should cover excesses in regards to all so called out of hospital appointments & other associated costs not covered in full rebates by Medicare

@92CJH45 answered…8mos

Yes, but only optionally – GP visits should always be able to be funded by the government

@929XVV5 answered…8mos

Yes, but the cost must be regulated to make GPs accessible to the majority.

@8ZRC6FTLabor answered…9mos

@8ZPC7K4Green answered…9mos

@8Y3CS9MGreen answered…12mos

GP visits should be bulk billed for all Australian citizens always.

@IshaanGreen answered…1yr

Yes and no, yes they should be covered if they had private health insurance. But, private health insurance shouldn't be needed for any Australian citizen, because the public health sector shouldn't need for the private sector to even operate.

@8THSFT7 answered…1yr

No insurers receiving govt subsities. Each time a new tax cut for patients the insurer raises fees to collect it through fees. That should be illegal.

@8RJV8JH answered…2yrs

As long as it doesn’t affect the current Medicare system negatively

@8RHY48QLabor answered…2yrs

No. Premiums would rise for everyone insured and Medicare covers most GP visits anyway

@8PD787J answered…2yrs

No, as Medicare should be adjusted to adequately cover GP visits, it should not be Private Health's responsibility

@8HYQMTFOne Nation answered…2yrs

Increase funding to Medicare and decrease public health privatization

@8GQNTRS answered…2yrs


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