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@4T4F9RKfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Yes, I am sick of people in Australia having this entitlement that they expect the government to aid them.

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@4TDPJSCLiberal Democratfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

Capable students should be on scholarships. Everyone else should find another path in life.

@4SYRJM3Nationalsfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Yes but the reduction should be on their inflated bureaucratic level.

@4T764V5Liberal Democratfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

Maintain University funding for Australian born citizens but allow the universities to set fees for international students.

@4T94L6Mfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

ALL schools, colleges, universities should run by Christian churches, industry associations & be free in exchange for national service.

@4T4NZD6Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

top 10% of students get free education. The rest can pay what the universities deem fair.

@965RV7V answered…6hrs

i think universities should not be able to set their own fees and i think that the first semester of university should be retally accessible and free

@964VVWY answered…19hrs

No, since they receive public funding l. However a negotiation with the industry would be acceptable

@95J6FWN answered…3wks

if they are a higher ranking university then yes other than that no

@9467QSC answered…2mos

Yes, however they should offer financial help to those who need it.

@93Y9BNR answered…2mos

@93B23X4 answered…4mos

@939Y7HZ answered…4mos

Fees should be based on the individual's financial situation, the status of the university and the course the individual wishes to take. there should also be a max amount permitted to be charged.

@939Y7CJ answered…4mos

There should be dependent on the course, and the level of education, however, there should be a maximum amount they can charge and scholarships should be offered.

@939KTRW answered…4mos

@9354PC9Green answered…5mos

I think they should be lowered until quality education is accessible

@9354LLL answered…5mos

There should be a regulation, however universities should also be granted some choice.

@934Y99Z answered…5mos

@934X3CN answered…5mos

Should be free for a certain amount of people and degrees and based on merit only

@934PJCTNick Xenophon Team answered…5mos

No, it should be a set, affordable fee for all, with Government funding those below the poverty line

@934MMKK answered…5mos

Ensure its accessible and there are grants to those who show potential

@934K8TF answered…5mos

Universities should still have government funding but it should be fairer

@933WLGDLabor answered…5mos

Some universities that are private should, but the ones that are aligned to government then no.

@933SC58 answered…5mos

I believe that if a university makes there own prices they should also include more into there.

@933SBWN answered…5mos

It needs to be more accessible to citizens. It's way too expensive and is a disincentive to go.

@9336GHZ answered…5mos

@932YKJ5Independent answered…5mos

That there be a balance of government funding and student funding.

@932MZ4Z answered…5mos

No, and univerisity education should be free for all citizens and foreign students should pay full fees.

@932FW2M answered…5mos

No, and government funding should be increased. Education should be accessible to all people, regardless of economic status

@932FV4V answered…5mos

No, review and standardise education and rates nationally. Update material to be more hands on and fluid/relevant to current society

@932FMT5 answered…5mos

As long as there is a governing body or a regulator then why not. The universities should not be owned by foreign governments though

@932D348 answered…5mos


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