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@5V2RK59Liberal Democratfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Voting is mandatory in this country so we don't have a right to vote, we have an obligation. And no one should be forced to do it.

@5VB5M7NFamily Firstfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

raise voting age to 21. raise candidate age too, perhaps to 50.

@5WDXMPRGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Only if a psychiatrist determines they are in the right head space and isn't trying to get back at the world

@5V8S6JYFamily Firstfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Only those who are not on welfare are allowed to vote. Also voting shouldn't be compulsary.

@5V37F4KGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

It doesn't matter, voting is a miniscule power and many people who vote are criminals who haven’t been caught.

@5TW9PD7Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

@9ZB7CCPReason answered…3wks

Yes, except for felons convicted of murder or violent crimes, and only after completing their sentences and parole or probation

@9YG6795Animal Justice answered…2mos

Yes, but should have a set period in place after completion of their sentence before being eligible to vote.

@9XHYCFCDemocratic Labour answered…4mos

Yes, every citizen deserves the right to vote, even convicted criminals. However, those with less sanity or not in the right state of mind should be forbidden if they've fallen that far into depravity

@9X3K28XAnimal Justice answered…4mos

No. They couldn’t be trusted to protect their community when they were sentenced to prison and so they shouldn’t be trusted to protect it when their community has sent them there. It puts the public at risk.

@9WD7LH5Independent answered…5mos

Yes, but only subject to a joint committee into criminal voting

@9W5FQGVLiberal answered…5mos

No, unless in the right frame of mind to make calculated decisions

@9VT72V3Nick Xenophon Team answered…6mos

Yes, but only those who are no longer participating in criminal activity

@9VR7NVPLabor answered…6mos

If they have committed a felony or a politically motivated crime (i.e. Hate crime), then No.

@9VPYQHWAnimal Justice answered…6mos

Not whilst in an institution where they have limited resources and limited exposures to the day to day activities of the community.

@9VPJ3G3Green answered…6mos

Yes but only if they will have completed their sentence and the politician from that election will still hold their seat

@9VNDN3QGreen answered…6mos

Yes, except for violent crimes, murder, rape, terrorism acts etc

@9VLV9FBDemocratic Labour answered…7mos

If the convicted criminal has a sentence of fewer than 4 years then they should be allowed to vote.

@9VGGQBLGreen answered…7mos

Yes, unless they committed a crime that violated national security..

@9V9QH98Green answered…8mos

only if they are ok in the head and actually understand who they would be voting in.

@9V2RW4CJustice answered…8mos

Only if they have served there time and have waited 5 years.

@9TSCWQJLiberal answered…9mos

Yes, any citizen who pays taxes should have the right to vote

@9TPNRJ8Animal Justice answered…9mos

Yes, but only once rehabilitated and reintegrated into society for a duration of time and except violent crimes or murder etc

@9TMCDPVReason answered…9mos

Only if they were to commit serious crimes against the state

@9SXHW87Socialist Alliance answered…10mos

Yes, but only after having completed a rehabilitation program.

@9SNHFC4Green answered…11mos

Only under very specific offenses, like large scale fraud, political corruption, and similar offenses should be disallowed from voting.

@9SHLSTVSocialist Alliance answered…11mos

Only if they have done a test stating they are mentally ok and have no psychological problems such as psychopathy or bpd.

@9SDV27PLabor answered…11mos

Yes I think they should, however I think it would depend on the criminals sentence length. If one was sentenced to life, why vote if they would never to leave jail again.


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