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Yes, this gun’s availability would put the public at risk of a mass shooting

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@4ZQXCQFfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

@4ZYP8SWLiberalfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

@4ZC6RXQGreenfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

The biggest killer of citizens with weapons are governments. Guns have a place however I question the need for rapid fire weapons... I am a sporting shooter!

@4Z93XY7Liberalfrom South Australia  answered…2yrs

@4T6TNQDfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

@993HQ2K answered…2 days

@98YDX2R answered…1wk

No, however, if someone buys an Adler A110 Lever-Action Shotgun, their criminal records should be checked, before permitted. They should be allowed to handle, and carry one, only for self defence.

@98WYKNW answered…2wks

No, but the gun should only be allowed to be used for commercial hunting licence holders.

@98TNB2WGreen answered…2wks

No, and re-legalise firearms use and adopt a 2nd Amendment like policy where the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

@98T4QY6 answered…2wks

@98SZN6D answered…2wks

@98SVK58from Hokkaido  answered…3wks

It shouldn't be banned but it should only be used in certain areas and the user must past strict requirements to own a gun.

@98LDNWJfrom Massachusetts  answered…1mo

No and make fire arms constitutionalally protected like in the us

@98GH2LN answered…2mos

police officers and military personnel should be allowed to have it but not the general public

@9872RF3Science answered…2mos

Only if it is being directly sold to police and swat teams no one else

@986B3BG answered…2mos

@9849XJJ answered…2mos

no but you must follow all of the gun registrations and the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun must only be used on private property

@96WVX39Democratic Labour answered…4mos

No, but only farmers and hunters can legally purchase the firearm

@96SXZHZ answered…4mos

use it for military or hunting but have a background check done on any buyer

@96PKZ3B answered…4mos

It should be permitted but with further permits required with regular check ins to insure mental stability of the user

@96JHBZGLiberal answered…4mos

No, but it should not be available to the general public or those with any history of crime involving violence or anyone with a history of mental health issues, should be limited to outback hunting.

@96B5HZL answered…4mos

@966W6K9One Nation answered…4mos

No, as long as everyone is checked before purchasing a gun. With no criminal history and no mental health issues.

@964VVWY answered…4mos

In general we need make sure gun stay up-to-date with technology. However I do not understand guns enough to make this decision

@95S5PJY answered…5mos

@95J7T5FGreen answered…5mos

They should only be using guns for war or any threats against our country but the use of guns shouldn't be used for public.

@944KFHF answered…6mos


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