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@62ZQ9TXLiberalfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

All guns can be 3d printed so all laws will eventually be useless

@62D7SYRGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

The biggest killer of citizens with weapons are governments. Guns have a place however I question the need for rapid fire weapons... I am a sporting shooter!

@62RYDRGLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

@5V7VPRFLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

@62B4YZ8Liberalfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

@9XXTPFFGreen answered…3mos

The Adler A110 and other lever-action shotguns should be placed in the same category as pump-action shotguns.

@9VSRJ27Animal Justice answered…6mos

The only people that should be allowed to use it are farmers and legal hunters.

@9STYLJNUnited Australia answered…10mos

It should be only for sport use and the users shall have background checks and be under supervision.

From a schools point of view no, but if we can up security for gun ranges maybe depending on others opinion.

@9NFKY6VConservatives answered…1yr

Different categories of firearm licences are available such as handgun, comp etc

@9HRKWQXSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

Yes and No. The gun is no stronger than the current guns currently in Australia but having any of these guns will risk a mass shooting.

@9D9XZSNArts Party answered…1yr

@9D8H2X6Nick Xenophon Team answered…1yr

No, but you can only own a gun if you have a gun license and it's for hunting or security

@9Z6Y3BMScience answered…3wks

As long as the owner has a gun licensed, and has reason to use such (like protecting farms, etc)

@9Z26MH2Nick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

Shouldn't rule out guns.. But should be used for the right reasons.

@9YY7H88United Australia answered…1mo

No, and reverse the National Firearms Agreement, but gradually and with plenty of firearms education along the way. Australians have forgotten how to carry responsibly.

@9YXP3S8Reason answered…1mo

Do not ban the gun but rather outlaw the ability and import of parts to modify the weapon.

@9YTYY7ZLiberal answered…2mos

@9YTC2BSReason answered…2mos

If it a legitimate firearm for sports or farmers, then it should be allowed with standard licensing and restrictions.

@9YNMPDCConservatives answered…2mos

No, don’t reverse the National firearm agreement but change it to allow firearms to be owned but more regulated then America

@9YNDVZQLabor answered…2mos

No, but the weapon should be reclassified to be in a more dangerous category with higher restrictions

@9YMG6KBLiberal answered…2mos

@9YGGZZWNationals answered…2mos

I do not have an opinion on this, as I am uneducated on the subject.

@9YDKJBBLabor answered…2mos

Allow people to purchase them, however owners must follow regulations and not have mental issues or a criminal record etc

@9YBDHBTLabor answered…2mos

No, but build a stronger barrier to stop those who are not in dire need of it.

@9Y595QBDemocratic Labour answered…3mos

Pump shotguns deal more damage and golden pumps can one tap so this doesn't really effect me.

@9XYZCVDLabor answered…3mos

No, the gun restrictions should be lifted, it should a state issue not Federal but it should be harder to get more dangerous weapons.

@9XWWDRGLiberal answered…3mos

no, as long as nobody is causing harm or using it anybody and if they are not breaking the law

@9XVY75QAnimal Justice answered…3mos

I think we should still let them come into the country but only let people with legitimate reason and background check


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