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@9Z4DTBNGreen answered…1mo

Yes, but only for the cities where this is an issue - interest rate based on postcode.

@9XJLXB2Green answered…3mos

Generally speaking yes, but because of Covid and the impact this would have on people who cant work, no

@Yods08Nationals answered…4mos

No. I think the current lending will help Manage the sector. The horse has already bolted with the Chinese investments several years ago increasing the house prices. The prices now are so far out of our children’s reach. Too late guys.

@leeb11Green answered…5mos

@9VNMQT3Liberal answered…6mos

Maybe, if this is included in the inflation statistic (which it currently isn’t)

@9V4HV24Liberal answered…8mos

The RBA should carry on doing what it's doing indepedently based on its macroeconomic goals/targets.

@9TN7NB4Green answered…9mos

Increase Capital Gains tax instead, along with other tax reform

@9TL8VCXOne Nation answered…9mos

No, I dont believe raising interest will have a huge effect. Instead I think the government should offer more subsidies and benefits for Australian citizens and raise a tax against foreign investors.

@9RWFNC5Liberal Democrat answered…12mos

No. The Reserve Bank of Australia should never interfere with interests rates.

Yes but apply these interest rate increases only to Area's where the bubble is presenting itself this will promote investment in other areas

@9H7546FReason answered…1yr

There are too many other factors that should be considered. Beyond my competence to decide

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

What does this have to do with housing? Higher interest rates means more to pay back. Why would you wanna pay more for a house? However, if it’s the bank giving you back interest then, yeah whatever.

@joyceaquilinaLiberal answered…7mos

Housing should be affordable for All. Low interest rates are good... but not if your mortgage lasts to the end off your paid work years or your lifetime. Houses have exceeded their true worth.


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