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@62RWRHJLiberal Democratfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

No one needs nuclear missiles anymore than Americans need semi auto guns in their houses. No point taking it off just one. The USA is just as crazy.

@9XDJZW6Liberal answered…4mos

No. Australia should not be striking on its own but should be part of an allied effort if necessary .

No, they will most likely want to use it against us if we did something.

@9XR3ZF2Pirate Party answered…3mos

No, we should form friendly relations with them as a means to prevent being fired upon

@9XJKGT6Liberal answered…3mos

No, we must use diplomacy first but should conflict break out, the Australian Defence Force will deliver military action.

@9WGQGZLReason answered…4mos

No, though it should be conducted the threat of nuclear war and or WW3 is too great to commit these actions

@9W8JQZVGreen answered…5mos

It would be too dangerous to do this, especially to a country with a large military like this

@9W3Y737Reason answered…5mos

No, but only due to the fact it would stage an all out war if they were to have these long range missiles, potentially putting our country in danger of an attack

@9VL9GRRArts Party answered…6mos

Yes, in the event of a war with North Korea or immediately before

@9S4MZJHLiberal answered…11mos

Yes, but in an international alliance as this issue is an international issue.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

If you strike first, that’s a lot of civilian blood on your hands.

@9SKW9KJNationals answered…11mos

I don’t want to be blown up when the ones that we’ve missed come crashing down

@9FNM8RFNationals answered…1yr


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