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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@4TD8D5Pfrom Tasmania  answered…2yrs

Only when particular women are as good as men (which is extremely seldom).

@4TC9BW6from New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Israel has show this not only endangers the mission but also the safety of the Operators, Women should be allowed in Military for Supporting Roles and Covert Operations.

Use a Women's strengths don't pretend she is a man.. they have better logistics and management skills but that doesn't blend into Active Duty Squad Management in a FireFight.

@93WYH4GGreen answered…7mos

All combat roles should be phased out (but women should be allowed to serve until then)

@934M8PF answered…9mos

Yes, as long as they can pass the same physical requirement to serve in a combat role

@92XSQTLGreen answered…9mos

I do believe women should have the option to serve in the same roles as men but I am worried about high rates of sexual assaults in the military

@92WGVZH answered…9mos

If the women can meet a set requirement, yes they can serve. If not too bad. And the bar must not be lowered to encourage diversity

@92M6V5N answered…9mos

Yes - as long as they can pass the same physical and fatigued mental requirements under the same conditions i.e. passing physicals on a days noticed without any time to train for it - that is the reality men face in military (speaking as a combat role veteran)

@92LYFCK answered…9mos

No because women shouldn't be allowed in the military to begin with.

@92BKHZVGreen answered…10mos

yes, but a lot more needs to be done about sexual assault in military environments

@9273X7N answered…10mos

@8ZWGG93Green answered…11mos

everybody should be taught self defence, if desired, but not militarised, rather educated in peace-keeping missions

@8ZS4FK5Independent answered…11mos

If they want to fight they should be allowed but war is a waste of human life

@8ZNMKB6 answered…11mos

Yes, as long as they understand the requirements and are aware of the dangers involved

@8ZKVT74Labor answered…11mos

Allowing women to serve in the military isn't achieving equality while the military is a way for imperialism to thrive

@8YTX9ZGGreen answered…1yr

The military should be abolished. No one of any gender should serve in a combat role.

@8YGVGS9Liberal answered…1yr

Depends on the definition of combat role. Infantry absolutely not. Fighter pilot absolutely.

@8YBJXQVGreen answered…1yr

@8WD6446Labor answered…1yr

Yes, As long as the can pass all of the tests that men are required to pass including physical, emotional and psychological

@8TQ7D3L answered…2yrs

I think the military should be abolished completely, so men shouldn't serve either

@ViscusLabor answered…2yrs

Regardless of sex or gender, anyone that can meet the minimum requirements for service should be permitted to serve.

@8TC2RDBLabor answered…2yrs

As long as the indiviual is trained well and is as trusted as any other solider for the mission given and/or situation, then gender should not matter if they can reliably do what is needed to be done. But Women shouldn't not be subjucted to be the first in as Men are biological stronger this can cause issue in a close quaters situation with someone that has a biological body mass advantage, unless they have proven that they can over come any situation such as this.

@8P9MQKK answered…2yrs

Ok for female medics, nurses and other humanitarian workers within the defence force

@8M4SPMZ answered…2yrs

@8KMBSPB answered…2yrs

Yes, Anyone who is willing and capable with sound mind and body should be able to defend the country if necessary.

@8FXY5V9One Nation answered…2yrs

Providing they pass the physical and mental requirements and standards aren’t dropped for them

@8CTJ6NBSocialist Alliance answered…2yrs

yes, as long as they are mentally and physically fit to do so and there are sexual assault preventions in place.

@8CFMTTX answered…2yrs

Women should be allowed to serve in combat roles but having the Australian military is a waste of taxpayer money and we should instead use some of the military funding to fund effective and dedicated humanitarian aid or education

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, combat roles place women in a high risk situation for sexual assault

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, men are more likely to risk the success of a mission in order to protect a women from danger

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs


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