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@6B3PBRYFamily Firstfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

@62H4VKNGreenfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

a separate 'army' should be created that does not focus on defence or military at all but on emergency service and relief for natural disasters and ecological and social assistance learning and using skills for building, repairing, planting, medical aid and even just plain old sandbagging. all can become trained volunteer fire fighters and assist in any and all emergency situations around the country and perhaps even overseas boosting out emergency services where ever needed. these skills are non violent and transferable when service is complete. similar to the peace corps but australian based. exemptions for those doing further study or with sole care of children.

@624ZYQLNationalsfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

No, we have a professional Military, not a babysitting service.

@9ZJ8LK4Green answered…1wk

Yes, but with the option for Community Service (eg elder care), Agricultural Service (eg subsidised farm work), and National Parks or Wilderness Care.

@9WGGT6NNick Xenophon Team answered…5mos

At 20 years old if not already employed or physical disabled

@9VTB2BFIndependent answered…6mos

Yes. But I think, people should have a choice on their training within the military since you're losing a year or two. i.e. if you wanted to be a doctor, you'd learn first aid stuff etc or maybe learn some trades skills, instead of focusing on combat etc. I think military service should be done in reserve forces though, and it would teach people some discipline skills and teamwork.

@9VPL4VMDemocratic Labour answered…6mos

All military organisations should be abolished and their finances given to family-oriented institutions.

@9TPB99GConservatives answered…9mos

@9TPB767Animal Justice answered…9mos

yes, to those who are starting to build a criminal record and they should focus more on education and skill development

@9L43HFCLiberal answered…1yr

Yes, although participants should be able to choose what national service they perform, military or some other form of service.

@9JT7YJPNationals answered…1yr

@9DB8P3ROne Nation answered…1yr

i think that that will be holding them against there will so no

@9ZJXCYWArts Party answered…1wk

yes two years fully paid tax free no conscript to be deployed out side australian territory without unanimous parliamentary approval, a unanimous public vote or if they volunteer

@9YFVW7PLabor answered…3mos

Perhaps for criminals, that's an idea. But I do not really have an opinion on this. However I do agree a lot that Australia needs more military personnel, including fighters, and much much more equipment and vehicles. Overall, our military needs to be boosted greatly. I hold the opinion that our allies should be given the option of loaning Australia drops and having them sign with Australia to boost the countries numbers, as well as other countries sharing equipment and vehicles. Though this opinion is not held strongly, only the larger military opinion is, though that is a route to achieving a larger military.

@PatWavesHelloLabor answered…3mos

Yes, but only for those who do not pursue further education or employment, with less focus on military training and more focus on education and skill development

@9XGJ2ZRLiberal answered…4mos

Service for young males, if they are not going to university or any form of trade

@9X49HFNUnited Australia answered…4mos

I think military service should only be obligatory during wartime.

@9WSLGFGLiberal answered…4mos

Yes, every 18 year old citizen be required to provide at least one year of COMMUNITY service, one option is military?

@9WNXJD4Labor answered…4mos

@9WKPJVGUnited Australia answered…5mos

Yes, but only for those who do not complete tertiary education

@9WDFTFFPirate Party answered…5mos

yes but they should have the choice if they participate in violence

@9W2HH48Labor answered…5mos

Yes, but citizens can chose other public services to serve in

@9W268T6Socialist Alliance answered…5mos

No, but add incentives and make focus less combat and more social / development work/ distaster prevention. Have a 6 month option 12 months too long for a young person

@9VXV6WDGreen answered…5mos

Military service can teach organisational skills and personal worth.

@9VRB78JLabor answered…6mos

Yes, but only one year, the worlds peace isn’t going to last forever and in a event of a war it is better to already have prior training

@9VQJ69LLiberal answered…6mos

Yes, but only males, and only for those who do not pursue further education or employment

@9VQGWCLReason answered…6mos

Yes a choice of active service or not for two years. After a huge military overhaul from the royal commission

@9VN4MC6Green answered…6mos

No - But incentivise military service e.g. certain benefits designed to intice.

@9VMTLVVGreen answered…6mos

No, the military can be a very traumatic time and can lead to mental health problems. The service should be optional.

@9VKQ7QYReason answered…7mos

I'm more in support of state service. Within this people can be shuffled around a bunch of roles which includes roles in the military. So maybe over x time people can go through y different roles that they've selected. The roles available to people will be based off some tests that can be prepared for as part of the states education system I guess.

@9VJTGV8Nationals answered…7mos

Yes, but not for conflict roles. 1 year and only in support roles at their home towns or local bases.

@9V4RKJ3Green answered…8mos

People should be encouraged to contribute to The Armed Forces but it can be focused on education and skill development as well as military training.

@9TX4TGPSocialist Alliance answered…9mos

Only if we are in need of fit men for soldiers with consent


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