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@9WDKJSFLabor answered…5mos

Neither, we should reallocate funding to mental health support in soldiers and veterans.

@9VY9B2SSocialist Alliance answered…5mos

Australia must only increase military spending if the military needs the funding. In fact, if there is money within military funds that is not being used effectively, Australia should remove that money because obviously the military do not need it. With this money Australia must fund more important issues such as animal rights, homelessness, hunger, climate change, Indigenous rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights, and so much more.

@9VT8SMPReason answered…6mos

Australia needs to align themselves not with the biggest power but our biggest best allie

@9VPL4VMDemocratic Labour answered…6mos

All military organisations should be abolished and their finances given to family-oriented institutions.

@9V5NCNHLabor answered…8mos

Increase, but contract Australian workers to build the systems, and do not purchase outdated systems.

@9V383S8Animal Justice answered…8mos

Appreciating that we are one in the world. However, a greater spending emphasis on our region & protecting our country much more closely. Preparation for future-proofing is necessary, however, not to the detriment of current circumstances.

@9JCG9DTNationals answered…1yr

We should do whatever keeps us up to international standard. I think that military spending across the world should decrease, however we cannot decrease it otherwise we open ourselves to attacks etc.

@9VPJ2RDScience answered…6mos

Australia should stop buying things with their military, and instead use them for defensive purposes.

@9ZMVSY6Labor answered…3 days

Yes, if the increase in money is going towards Cybersecurity and the IT sector

@9ZKS6BMLabor answered…1wk

If they can increase the funding to the medical and education sectors as well then yes, they should also increase the defence funding, but only if those arguably more important sectors are funded first

@9ZJXCYWArts Party answered…1wk

yes and a independent, public and totally non partisan review of all defence spending of the last 30 years

@9ZHWFY4Independent answered…1wk

Reallocate to appropriate channels. Tanks and the like would be of very limited use domestically or internationally. Fund cyber initiatives and smarter weaponry development to counteract our smaller population.

@9ZC3QXJHealth Australia answered…3wks

Need to focus more on how to stop other countries from investing into our economy that could be strategically investing in the country so they own more of the country as the government has allowed them to do this. This is dangerous. The Newcastle foreshore is on 100 lease to China. So this means for the next 100 years this investment means its not really Australian, who is going to remember in 100 years time. I hope Australia 🇦🇺 remembers it belongs to t h em.

@9XXYTZYLabor answered…3mos

We definitely need a well equipped army but there are other things like global warming which do need more attention

@9XX4RGVGreen answered…3mos

We should investigate whether funding is managed appropriately and efficiently

@9XQ2PY3Liberal answered…3mos

For what gain, purpose and function outcome. Funding is related back to the above.

@9XNSVK4Liberal Democrat answered…3mos

I would prefer we don't..... But China. The question definitely needs an update

@9XGG37FAnimal Justice answered…4mos

I would prefer to educate myself more on this topic before answering

@9XD4SN3Green answered…4mos

We should spend our money on helping other countries to build back up, instead of on military spending that causes even more damage

@9X2LPB9Arts Party answered…4mos

Increase, after discussion and long term planning with involved Australian interest groups.

@9WZWBXSOne Nation answered…4mos

Decrease, we paid the French billions for nothing, to look like a backstabbing country.

@9WSGGWGOne Nation answered…4mos

Neither, but the military should be utilised more within our own country, for example in bushfire fighting and recovery.

@9WLGMS3Liberal answered…5mos

Depends if they spend too much, or and not focus on what else is important.

@9WCLZGLGreen answered…5mos

No, because currently there isn't a shortage in the military but if they did need more funds it should be provided.

@9W5FQGVLiberal answered…5mos

@9VS256WPirate Party answered…6mos

The money should be shifted to go into scientific research alongside existing functions and to go into war prevention rather such as anti-missile tech and tracking rather than war retaliation.

@9VRB78JLabor answered…6mos

With the growth of china, the power America once held in Asia is being challenged progressively more, how long can we relay on America for all our military protection?

@9VQZM73Independent answered…6mos

Depending on yearly need. Definitely not spending on failed projects, no political pork barreling.

@9VN46M8Liberal answered…6mos

I think that the spending through the military should be directed less into weapons rather focusing on aiding people during this pandemic but if war came around I would increase spending in the military

@IOXSIndependent answered…6mos

Increase spending in industries that can supply civilian and/or military.

@9TPB4LXLabor answered…9mos

I think it should increase if it is absolutely necessary but they shouldn't decrease the amount of military spending but keep it as a minimum amount of spending.


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