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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@98PXPCQ answered…3wks

Criminal and saving sauce pan and under Australia police protector limited inc

@989GV3WGreen answered…2mos

No, however people who are working for the government and making important decisions like doctors, nurses, teachers, bus drivers, politicians, etc... should be tested. Everyone being tested should be allowed a right to challenge the test results and this should include a free retest that is done by an independent lab without any penalty

Yes, they should also relieve treatment and be reviewed each year for drugs. Marijuana should not be for concern as its a more recreational use drug

@984C83N answered…2mos

Yes, but only if they have a criminal history related to drug abuse dating earlier than 4 years, and also provide treatment for anyone testing positive

@97ZFM9J answered…2mos

No, only if they have a criminal history related to drug abuse and then get them support as needed.

@97Z39VHOne Nation answered…3mos

Only if they are repeat offenders making no attempt to to get off welfare

@97YSHRY answered…3mos

Yes, if it is proven they are not actively looking for work or further skills

@97XQ2L3 answered…3mos

No because what is it going to achieve? Cut their funding and they seek income from other sources such as crime?

@97SFKYWLabor answered…3mos

Yes, and recipients should be given the option of either undertaking rehabilitation or not recieving welfare payments

@__aidana_fsv-fbg…Labor answered…3mos

Yes, and give recipients the choice of either not receiving benefits or undergoing rehabilitation.

@97Q7265Labor answered…3mos

Yes, and give recipients who test positive the option to either not receive welfare or undergo rehabilitation

@964VVWY answered…4mos

Welfare payments should not be dependent on drug tests, but reasonable measures should be taken to prevent self destructive behaviour

@95VV6ZBLabor answered…5mos

Yes but terminate benefits and provide treatment options untill they are deemed drug free by a medical professional

@9469695 answered…6mos

I feel like you shouldnt assume someone receiving welfare is using, so it should not be a regular thing but only if it is required as a protocol to start receiving.

@93GJJHJ answered…8mos

Yes, but only if they have a history of drug abuse and provide rehabilitation and the appropriate treatment for those who test positive.

@939KTRW answered…8mos

No, only if there is a reasonable belief that drugs have been used

@9352MNW answered…9mos

Yes, but provide treatment, if they don't stick to treatment plan, then stop payments. Also should test politicians

@934VHYQ answered…9mos

Yes test for substances, but let the people who have a medical issues such as Adhd that have a professional guiding them make choices to help them self and be honest and upfront. No substance abuse

@934K5NS answered…9mos

No it's a waste of time and money but social welfare programs should be temporary if someone is able to work.

@9347FQS answered…9mos

@9346PS9 answered…9mos

For the time being, they should be tested and if testing positive should be helped with rehabilitation, and this test should be extended to politicians.

@9345NX2Green answered…9mos

if they have children they should get help and still receive payment

@933ZZKS answered…9mos

Yes, provide trestment but also stop there Government welfare checks

@933XZ94 answered…9mos

Yes, and test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians, but also provide treatment for those testing positive rather than criminalising them (unless rightfully so).

@933P4N9 answered…9mos

If they test positive for hard drugs then they should only receive welfare if they are admitted to a recovery facility.

@933L7D3 answered…9mos

No, this is a waste of time and money we should work on generational recipients of welfare though but not take money from people if they have a drug addiction, they should be sent to a rehabilitation clinic.

@933KVRS answered…9mos

Yes but if they have been on it for over a certain amount of time and only for certian drugs

@9336MMR answered…9mos

No, only if they are both receiving money from the government (including employees and politicians) and have a criminal history related to drug abuse, and provide treatment for those testing positive

@93325CSGreen answered…9mos

Yes, but provide treatment, a financial counsellor and case worker. Spending should be monitored and penalties for using/buying/selling drugs


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