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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections

@4T53NGTfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Australia's democracy and way of life is under threat if white people don't have more children. White women live in an age of hedonism... showing off their bodies and youth... while other countries are having babies and threatening our pluralistic democracy. White women have to produce more children and bring them up in the cultures and ways of the west ie: church, science, democracy and western freedom values... other cultures have not assimilated these ideas into their culture but they will take us over if we are not careful...

@4TMLHQTLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Refugees should be accepted however there should be rules in place to ensure they are relocated to less populated cities such as Adelaide and Darwin. They should be used to add booms to less densly populated cities and encourage industries to create jobs in these cities.

@94HZ754 answered…1mo

I don't think we should target a particular nationality, determine a intake and then take most suitable applicants

@93DWHNB answered…4mos

only those that enter legally and have had major background checks

@936BJMV answered…4mos

I don’t really care who we accept, but why does it matter what countries they come from, it should depend on on what they will become as people

@9354W9W answered…4mos

Allow refugees of all countries but house them in outback/rural towns. Employ them in work and don’t give out government benefits to everyone

@934Z5Q4 answered…4mos

Yes, but they should go through a rehabilitation and integration to society program to ensure they’re adapted to western life, gain education and are provided psychological support

@934YQRM answered…4mos

I fewl bad but its a really tough question as the violent and manic upbringing of these are then over here having the thought patters and lifestyle that is NOT acceptable

@934XZ33Green answered…4mos

Yes family and if is a single person they must have family here that have not committed and serious crimes

@934ND5YGreen answered…4mos

A lot of changes need to be made to current programs before we should look at increasing the population further including housing, community development, employment opportunities, health care, mental health services.
We may be able to offer short term asylum combined with a plan using the Forign Aid budget to assist with the return to their home once crisis they are facing subsides.

@934J2ZS answered…4mos

Yes, but we need better plans and procedures for true assimilation into the community.

@933XZ94 answered…4mos

Yes, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections; and accept only families (no single male Muslims).

@933WGBC answered…4mos

No, but not just from Syria. No illegal refugees who don't pay tax and get everything given to them

@933V2CP answered…4mos

Yes, but only those that have skills that will benefit our society

@933L8HB answered…4mos

Yes, but with government help and support for cultural assimilation into Australian society. Such as a 18month cultural course with modules, check-ins and assistance.

@932XM6P answered…5mos

@92ZK27RLabor answered…5mos

Yes, but with a background check but not extensive continuous follow ups

@92ZHS7Q answered…5mos

No, not until we are in a better financial position. Take care of our own, then we can take can of others.

@92Z7Y9Q answered…5mos

@92XQLXT answered…5mos

@92XQ9MQ answered…5mos

Yes but we need to monitor it and assure out country can actually house these people before bringing them in

@92WD2TF answered…5mos

do background checks you can send them back to their own country but only if it is safe

@92VLLFF answered…5mos

I think yes we should keep them unless they are being rude towards other religions

@92TTYMS answered…5mos

No not while we have our own housing crisis and so much national debt

@92SZ9HV answered…5mos

No we need to worry about our homelessness crisis for current citizens before we add more refugees

@92SYKHT answered…5mos

We can accept refugeees but they should learn our customs and if they are not willing to show our values and morals then they shouldn’t be able to have all the wonderful things aus has to offer

@92SW76N answered…5mos

Yes after an extensive background check, and after a bi-annual check of what the immigrant has conttributed.

@92SPHG9 answered…5mos

yes, ensuring we have the resources and funding to ensure integration into the Australian culture and way of life.

@92SMMW9 answered…5mos

Yes, we should accept all none religious professionals and ensure thorough background checks.

@92SB75B answered…5mos

Yes, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections, and that their whole aim in life is to treat other people as they would wish to be treated.

@92RWGCK answered…5mos

Yes they should be welcome but maybe not while we have a housing issue already in Australia

@92RDLCB answered…5mos

Yes, and after the extensive background checks and monitoring, Registered Australian Families or People must contribute to housing for them (ie. take them in). They also need to contribute to the Australian Workforce (with subsidised education if required)

@92R63GN answered…5mos

Yes, we should accept refugees however, we should accept less and those free of disease because of the fact that 1. If we accept more refugees we soon won't have enough land to live off of and agriculture will decrease a lot more.


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