Fewer, and ensure benefits go to those that need it most
More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income
Fewer, current benefits do not provide enough support
More, but increase benefits for the elderly and disabled
More, and deny benefits to immigrants
More, current benefits should be capped

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See how importance of “Welfare” has changed over time for 28.6k Australia voters.

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Help our New Zealand families who come over a little more then others who get money for immigrating to Australia or help the indigenous get on their feet and supply more benefits for families


we should have social programs but it should only be for 18 months and the rules and regulations should be stricter to ensure able body people who can work are not just gaming the system


Both, a Return to work, Maintain to return to work and Return to Study programs should pay more over shorter time frames with more practical and swift implementation, while permanent long term welfare should at least provide a living wage; which is further supplemented and checked by NDIS on the basis of need.


More, but only to prevent benefits being granted to people who are able to provide themselves with a comfortable living


No change in regards to restrictions, but increase benefits to the retired elderly, people with a disability, and others who are unable to work.


More, by payment to a cash card for the user with restrictions on the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, drugs.

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