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He has repeatedly ignored allied nations' requests for a ceasefire in Gaza and escalated the conflict by drawing in a strike from Iran, exasperating the tensions in the region

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He is a threat to World Peace, as seen by his Genocidal actions in Gaza. He needs to be ousted from office and face an International Tribunal for possible crimes against Humanity


They shouldn't support any ethnonationalist government, regardless of who it is led by.


If the government wants to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership of the Israeli government, then they can go for it unless there are civilians who do not want to support him.



No, Netanyahu is a war criminal and a threat to world Peace and needs to be removed from power immediately and face trial before an International Court

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We shouldn't definitively support anyone but our own country for the time being

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No we should stay neutral in Israeli politics except for humanitarian aid for both Palestine and Israel


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