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@9MLXRJ2Reason answered…1mo

Yes but only after serving an appropriate amount of time and have been reformed

@9LKJM3LSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Depending on the circumstances, mostly yes, and they should also increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners, and after undergoing a psychiatric review should be released

@9HLJ723Green answered…1mo

Yes, and release all non violent prisoners and some violent prisoners and provide them with support for getting a job etc.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1mo

Don’t have the police arresting anyone and everyone then and overcrowding wouldn’t be a problem.

@9DN2QTXGreen answered…1mo

Yes, and our justice system should be reformed for rehabilitation

@9QB4X76Green answered…3wks

Yes but instead theu should have to attend social services in their communities which help get to the root of the issues, and or attended day treatment type facilities to help support them.

@9MCTFF5Animal Justice answered…1mo

Yes on the requisite adequate time has been served and they are psychological sound of mind and capable of successful reintegration into the community without harm to themselves or others.

@9KW6259Science answered…1mo

Re-do this prison system to that people aren’t institutionalised and don’t reoffend

@9KG83K9Reason answered…1mo

Yes, as rehabilitation is usually more effective on such occasions.

@9KBTV77Socialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes - however sentences should reflect harm caused (eg. white collar crime should be penalised even though it isn't violence related.


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