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@MaheshkLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…3wks

Allow marriage but only if they have declared they are homosexuals at least 2-3 years prior in an official way.Also make it compulsory to declare homosexuality to prevent them getting in to a heterosexual relationship or prevent marrying a opposite sex.

@62J3W4ZGreenfrom Victoria  answered…3wks

We LGBT people are wasting our time and money on this issue. Marriage is the least way we are neglected by society when you consider wider problems that lead to our oppression. It won't talk us down from the rooftop.

@62MNWTCGreenfrom South Australia  answered…3wks

Legalise same-sex marriage, and hold the Catholic church accountable for all of the child abuse cases. The hypocrisy is outstanding...

@62V962GGreenfrom Queensland  answered…3wks

@9ML49NWLabor answered…4wks

People should have the right not to believe in same sex marriage but if people of the same sex want to marry then that’s their lives and their choices.

@9GYZ6WBOne Nation answered…4wks

Gay marriage is a tool to undermine Western Civilization with the destruction of the family unit.

@9Q778H2Democratic Labour answered…2wks

I don’t care if they want to but they sould be allowed to

Yes, however, moderation should be applied to the future of same-sex laws such as implementing unisex bathrooms to prevent sexually charged misconduct

@9PLGSWTDemocratic Labour answered…3wks

No. Religiously speaking, I don't support it, but it doesn't affect me personally either way, though I agree that churches should have the right to refuse same-sex ceremonies.

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…3wks

Yes, but preferably the government should stay out of the marriage business, government shouldnt be able to regulate personal choices if said choices do not harm others.

@9MN6XDJPirate Party answered…4wks

Not exactly, but I respect same sex marriages just don't agree with them

@9MN4CZPDemocratic Labour answered…4wks

No, however I do believe they should be able to celebrate a union and have all of the same rights, give it another name

@9DB839FNationals answered…4wks

yes because if you find the one you love and you want to get married it doesn't matter if they're the same gender or not

@9LB93G2Liberal Democrat answered…4wks

Yes and force churches to apostasise and allow marriages between same sex.

@9KV6QB2Reason answered…4wks

I don't agree with it but I don't mind it happening because it doesn't affect me

@9G6P8BFScience answered…4wks

No, marriage should not be recognised by the state. Different and same sex marriages should be defined as civil unions in legislation.

@meelaDemocratic Labour answered…4wks

No, marriage is antiquated and confers few legal or social privilged

@9D9V7C3Family First answered…4wks

No, believing in gay rights is against our lord and savior, JESUS CHRIST


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