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@9N9NSLJLabor answered…1mo

Researchers should not be allowed to use animals unless the situation is dire and needs animal testing.

@9LKV4CXReason answered…1mo

Allow for testing safety of drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. Not cosmetics.

@9KMMHFMNationals answered…1mo

Yes, but the animals must be put down immediately after the experiments

@9KDXL57United Australia answered…1mo

I think the government should allow the use of convicted felons such as serial rapists/murderers to be tested on for drugs, vaccines and medical devices

@9JHPS3FHealth Australia answered…1mo

Only on animals that aren’t going extinct or could in the next 5 years.

@9H9F8SDLabor answered…1mo

No, test on criminals that have been convicted for serious crimes such as rape, murder and especially paedophilia

@9QF898KSocialist Alliance answered…2wks

Yes, but only in the case where there is no other reasonable option (meaning no cosmetics testing) and when it is deemed that negative effects will be minimal

@9QDZBQ6Animal Justice answered…2wks

Yes, only if it is safe for the animal and will not cause it harm

@9QDBKQMLiberal answered…2wks

I believe that animals should not be harmed in this process

@9QD7SWWDemocratic Labour answered…2wks

Depends, only if the research is important and not hurting the animal.

@9QBJF8PScience answered…3wks

Yes, but only once the ingredients of drugs are known not be harmful. Also to see if the subjects improve and what side-effects there are, not to test the extent to which known harmful drugs will have an impact. Rabbits, mice and rats are also largely populated and are preferred.

@9Q68232Science answered…3wks

Yes, but to some extent. Using animals for testing should be highly regulated and there should be hard procedures for animal testing to be approved.

@9Q338CNReason answered…4wks

I think they should only be tested don animals such as rodents.

@9PQNMPVCountry Liberal answered…4wks

Should researchers be allowed to use animals in testing the safety of drugs, vaccines, medical devices but not cosmetics

@9P26YKVScience answered…1mo

Yes, but the testing should be strictly regulated and only conducted if necessary.

@9N96FD5Pirate Party answered…1mo

No, when there are alternatives available to achieve the same outcome.

@9MXHQQ2Arts Party answered…1mo

No, use prisoners/re-peat offenders serving time for felony, violent, or sexual crimes

@9MN5D2KLiberal answered…1mo

No, but if it is extremely dangerous then you shouldn't test it on animals

@9MKZKTFAnimal Justice answered…1mo

Testing on animals or humans should be highly regulated, and we shouldn't do to an animal what we wouldn't do to ourselves

@9MKWTCBHealth Australia answered…1mo

@9MCP37DGreen answered…1mo

we should test on criminals such as pedophiles, rapists and murderers as they don’t deserve to live


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