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@62KWQS6Katter’s Australian Partyfrom Queensland  answered…1mo

Only Marijuana and tax it at 99%. Life sentences for anyone who grows their own

@5VJT4CLLiberal Democratfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

No, we should have the political will to remove the drugs from our streets. I'm sure the authorities know who the dealers/importers are and are most likely to be. I honestly think that it is such a lucrative black market business that the government turns a blind eye or lacks the political will to enforce the law.

@9LZYPZJScience answered…1mo

Strongly support medical license drugs such as marijuana and ketamine - though wish to keep them medicinal

@9LD26HGIndependent answered…1mo

You should be atleast 21 to be able to make your own decision.

No, however, in certain cases where drugs that have proven medicinal benefits can be accessed by "selected" persons through PBS specialist scripts ONLY.

@9KWJDJ2Justice answered…1mo

No but more time should go into getting drug dealers than drug users.

@9KW6259Science answered…1mo

There should be a referendum surrounding the use of some drugs, but not all. Medical use of marijuana should be legalised

@9NDTVKRNationals answered…1mo

well some drugs are good for people who are prescribed to them but non prescribed drugs are notgood

@9MMDMC9One Nation answered…1mo

For certain drugs yes. Cannabis and psilocybin for medicinal use.

@9HLYQ9DReason answered…1mo

Only for medical use and increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

@9QH6R8KLiberal answered…2wks

Yes, for those drugs with low significant long-term damage or medical advantages

@9QGRNNJReason answered…2wks

Yes, as long as big established tobacco companies. Easy for private local businesses e.g. sole traders.

@9QF898KSocialist Alliance answered…2wks

Yes, but only of regulating drug use and strong rehabilitation programs that reduce the risk and also the use

@9QF3ZT5Nick Xenophon Team answered…2wks

if used under a controlled environment and only easy drugs like weed nothing hard that could ruin your life

@9QDZHF5Labor answered…2wks

Yes, we should focus on supporting and rehabilitating drug users instead of making it criminal, therefore making it harder for drug addicts to receive support

@9QD72WRDemocratic Labour answered…2wks

Legalise drugs used by hospitals for medicine or pain relief, but otherwise they should not be legalised.

@9QBLL4HScience answered…3wks

Drug use should be decriminalised & there should be restrictions on possession. Intent to distribute should still be illegal.

@James-GambellGreen answered…3wks

No but less punishment for the less dangerous drugs/quantity

@9Q488F4Liberal answered…3wks

Yes but increase funding and action for the management of drug use as a health priority.

@9Q374KZReason answered…4wks

Hold dealers accountable (to an extent - people deal to make a living so have a little empathy) but those who are addicted should not be penalised but rather institutionalised for rehab and given the opportunity to get back in their feet.

@9PXS5G2Nick Xenophon Team answered…4wks

Yes, but exclude ice and heroin. Also, increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation.

@9PR5PMXLabor answered…4wks

yes, decriminalise drug use but put convicted drug uses in addiction help and rehabilitation

@9PLNHJZScience answered…4wks

yes, some lower level drugs should be decriminilised especially for medical purposes and people serving time for possession should be released.

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

Yes, personal choices that do not violate other people's wellbeing should not be criminalised. All people currently serving time for drug charges should be given clemency and be release from incarceration.

@9MXY2TCOne Nation answered…1mo

No, but the sentences shouldn’t be too harsh unless they were a dealer. And increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation.

@9MXRPM3Science answered…1mo

decriminalise some but be vigilant in monitoring companies pushing highly addictive medication such as depression, anxiety/mood altering substances as only alternative

@9MWV62GGreen answered…1mo

yes, people will do it anyway, may as well make it legal and make it safer for drug users

@9MKZKTFAnimal Justice answered…1mo

Yes for some/select drugs (not all). Yes to all if safe to highly-regulate and tax. Sentences should be reviewed, consider sentences that 'pay back' to society, and not cost society (Ie. Health/welfare costs of inmates)

@9MCQW4JScience answered…1mo

Yes however it is always circumstantial. By decriminalising drugs it put limitations on illegal dealings and businesses. If the drugs were from a reliable source the use and amount could be monitised and by knowing what it is and where its from will ensure the health and safety of users as the drugs wont be laced with unknown substances

@9M2JSJ9Reason answered…1mo

Invest in a campaign at schools, and product packaging that warns against drug use similar to the smoking kills ads.

@9LNK5ZKScience answered…1mo

Yes, but use the money that is currently being used to prosecute people who use drugs for prevention and rehabilitation instead!

@9KWFNQ3Reason answered…1mo


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