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@9H4VYJWGreen answered…1mo

Social media companies should be legally required to regulate their own platforms to prevent fake news and misinformation.

@9H75J92Reason answered…1mo

Legislate not regulate to allow more transparency on what govts do

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1mo

How about the government just let social media companies run their social media. If there is fake news, it will be known by the general public because we talk.

@9DKNGLVGreen answered…1mo

No, there should be regulation, but not from the government as politicians are not independent, and too much of the misinformation online is politically motivated

@9QG46MNGreen answered…2wks

Yes, but the government should make companies liable to self-regulation

@9LNCTQCScience answered…1mo

No, but an opinion or fact note could be made to reduce misinformation

@9LJ6959Green answered…1mo

No, because the controlling government could use it to push out opposition truths

@9J2GSD5Socialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, however, the government should hire an independent group to do the regulating so that political interference is not involved.

@9HMKM5MReason answered…1mo

Yes, social media needs to be screened for fake news, however this would need to be carried out by an external agency or body that has no political ties, the same way the judicial system is separated from government

Yes, social media companies are politically biased and need to be regulated, however the same applies for government-backed institutions

@9H7546FReason answered…1mo

Yet again, not a black v white question. So not regulation, but yes to legislation

@9FSYF55Socialist Alliance answered…1mo

yes and no, there is certainly lots of fake news out there but this could be used as a way for governments to over regulate and control their citizens through social media