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@9QF2VT6Nationals answered…2wks

At a point, the exports of live animals should no longer be necessary as livestock would eventually be self-sustaining in their new home.

IF exporting our live animals, this should be more closely regulated and at a high price for our top-quality stock. Otherwise, it should be preferred to keep more jobs in Australia with preparations occurring in Australia. This would also alleviate the concern of how our live animals are treated once taken out of our care.

@9D8NFL2Animal Justice answered…1mo

Yes, but only in a humane and healthy manner in which the animals are treated respectfully.

@9D8H2X6Nick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

No, but yes if the animals are endangered and transporting them to another country will help keep their species alive

@9D8G9KQDemocratic Labour answered…1mo

Yes, but not by a large amount. Only for rationale purposes. Irrational purposes may include increase in zoos.

@9QJQ3CSDemocratic Labour answered…1wk

Yes, but make sure that animals are safely transported and are only used for breeding purposes

@9QHHNMNHealth Australia answered…2wks

Yes, but to countries who really need the animal and if the animal is not endangered

@9QDGFYMConservatives answered…2wks

Yes, but provide the animals with better living conditions then there are now

@9QBLL4HScience answered…3wks

Live exports should be highly regulated to ensure proper conditions for the animals so they are not in distress and it should only be sent to countries who follow animal cruelty laws

@9PWVZTYLabor answered…4wks

No, ban only LIVE exports overseas. Exports of livestock products should be allowed.

@9MKWTCBHealth Australia answered…1mo

yes but they must be taken care of and given the right treatment

yes but we NEED to make sure that the animals do not contain any Diseases or illnesses

@9GYCJ44Animal Justice answered…1mo

Only allow exports of male animals not female so they cannot build up there own herd.

@9FSN3DWLabor answered…1mo

yes, but has to have the right conditions to transport them.

@9DD9GBLIndependent answered…1mo

Yes but with tougher auditing and policies to ensure animal welfare

@9PLDLTTScience answered…4wks

Only animals that are being used for agriculture, medicine or health reasons should be exported internationally.

@9PH5BKMGreen answered…1mo

The export of live animals relies on the farming within Australia. Before we export live animals, we need to produce a supported industry for farmers

@9MXX9W9Pirate Party answered…1mo

I believe we should keep more of our own stock than what we export but should definitely only be trading with places that enforce animal cruelty laws

@9MKZKTFAnimal Justice answered…1mo

Ban bulk live transport for slaughter. Allow select live transport of animals for positive means (e.g.. breeding, species protection,..)

@9L8LGN9Labor answered…1mo

We should provide only meat that has been killed in our abattoirs

@120464Socialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, allow exports to countries which enforce animal cruelty laws as long as they are transported humanely

@9KNJMFSIndependent answered…1mo

yes, but only if the animals are exported safely and has a legal reasonable requirements.

@9JJ385SDemocratic Labour answered…1mo

If the animal is comfortable and it isn't doing it for illegal money etc

@9JJ3KG3Health Australia answered…1mo

As long as the animal is in a comfortable safe traveling area.

@9FMLVKFOne Nation answered…1mo

Australians should get best price first before sending livestock over seas


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