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@6G36N3HLabor answered…3wks

Yes, but adoption laws should be harmonized with access to IVF for gay and straight couples, so that lesbian couples must meet the same requirements for using IVF as gay men for adoption.

only if they like the environment, cause if they don't they might as well go to jail

@9LZYPZJScience answered…4wks

Very difficult to answer at this point in time, I assume the world will continue to progress towards this - ideally the children would be of an age where they could make a decision

I am not for gay marriage, i believe that children should be made from the love between 2 people; and female and a male. Not 2 boys/2girls adopting children, it is wrong .

@9Q2KPV7Health Australia answered…2wks

they should only be allowed to adopt other gay people to get them out of our homes

@9PTJX6TConservatives answered…3wks

Yes, but I would always try and get a straight couple where possible as I believe it is better for that child and their mental health in the long run.

@9NFTJ9WOne Nation answered…3wks

Yes, as long as they have a mother/father figure ready for proper child development

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…3wks

Yes, but its not the government's prerogative to dictate who can and can't adopt based on sexual orientation.

@9LB93G2Liberal Democrat answered…4wks

Yes but, I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child No, and adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples.

@9KTV4VQAnimal Justice answered…4wks

Yes, it is evidenced that planned same sex parented families score higher in child health, family cohesion and education when compared to unplanned heterosexual parented families

@9JPRG32One Nation answered…4wks

No and It should be taken into consideration the toll it may take on the child. Bullying and those questions of why they had two mums or two dads

@9GJVG86Family First answered…4wks

Adoption has become about being politically correct, appealing to a loud minority in our community and the adults wishing to adopt for their own benefits more than the child in poverty... this is an injustice and an abhorrence


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