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@62FHPSHGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…3wks

Does that also include terrorism within Australia from all groups or individuals that do nothing but promote fear in the way you live?

@5Z2RTZ8Greenfrom South Australia  answered…3wks

'Terror organisations' are created by the CIA and the fake *** zionists. They are your 'terrorists'. You wouldn't like some money grubbing control freak coming in and shooting up the place, these people certainly didn't.

@5XKNLTSGreenfrom Victoria  answered…3wks

Depends on what is being classed as a terrorist organisation and the level of involvement. Graffiti artist? Your alright mate. Isis? You're not Australian.

@5YDL46NLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…3wks

@9H7546FReason answered…4wks

Absolutely yes, you’re Australian or you aren’t. No middle ground there. If we have issues with the way Australia behaves, we should deal with it at home.

@9G6GSCRSocialist Alliance answered…4wks

Yes, only after they have been detained investigate and given a fair trial in our country and been convicted guilty