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@5X46X5PGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

@693MDB8Laborfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

Not until a generally accepted model is produced to make sure we do not leave open the possibility of a Trump type anomaly

@62WSTKNLiberalfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

Not ready still immature population to deal with an Republic,besides all states should be dissolved, as well as all amateur councils .Creation of one national government with say 50 regional councils run by professionals rather than pathetic states having petty fights and crummy councils out of control.
In fact Councils do not exist under the Constitution.

@5XBDNM3Greenfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

@5X47P3FGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

Once the Queen passes, with an aboriginal as our first sovereign

@6F5D2KTFamily First answered…1mo

Remain a monarchy but choose an aboriginal royal family instead of British

@62B3YFLGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1mo

It should be considered in the best interest of Australia after the UK's exit from the European Union, however no firm decision should be made until we are sure if there will be any negative effects on Australia either way.

@5XBBYZ6Greenfrom Western Australia  answered…1mo

@62SVYQVLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…1mo

Yes, the days of empire are over, treat the commonwealth countries as equal trading partners, we don't need a Ruler.

@5WGZYK7Nationalsfrom South Australia  answered…1mo

@9D8BK8XLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

no, unless we get a constitution like the usa(with the same rights eg 2A)


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