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Appreciating that we are one in the world. However, a greater spending emphasis on our region & protecting our country much more closely. Preparation for future-proofing is necessary, however, not to the detriment of current circumstances.

@9JCG9DTNationals answered…4wks

We should do whatever keeps us up to international standard. I think that military spending across the world should decrease, however we cannot decrease it otherwise we open ourselves to attacks etc.

@9DB82ZBAnimal Justice answered…4wks

We don't have enough equipment or capability to expand our military, so there's no use.

@9D9XT8WDemocratic Labour answered…4wks

I am unsure how much the military spends, so I cannot comment

@9QB4X76Green answered…2wks

@9Q6YQFBReason answered…2wks

Military spending should be fluid and based off of our stance in a Global Peace Keeping Effort, balanced with our National Interest.

@9PWVZTYLabor answered…3wks

Increase funding in order to keep people safe, but we should always use a diplomatic approach and prevent wars. Just in case, we still need safety. Besides, military can be used for operations other than war.

@9PVC3ZXLabor answered…3wks

We should increase funding by what is NECESSARY, and not overly spend, We need a military that is equipped to fight when the threat of war comes.

@9P4WDWNSocialist Alliance answered…3wks

Decrease, instead use those trillions to pay a universal basic income to erase poverty entirely.

@9N5LGYCNationals answered…4wks

@9MXRPM3Science answered…4wks

yes, australia is on the front line of NATO which is an alliance that protects america physically from the military power of china and russia. military deterrence would be advised

@9MKZKTFAnimal Justice answered…4wks

Be effective & efficient with current funding, proportioning more to humanitarian and emergency support (bushfires, floods, ...) and protection, than war

@9KTXZDRLabor answered…4wks

I think they should increase it only if it is something we really need. I don't think it should be increased if they are going to spend it on nucellar weapons.

@9JJ972XLabor answered…4wks

If there is to be an increase it should benefit Australian manufacturing inall sectors of the supply chain also increase flow on technologies and advances down to other parts of the government or public sectors and municipalities

@9JHLCYDSocialist Alliance answered…4wks

Prioritise spending. Foreign made submarines and dodgy aircraft was not good enough policy

@9JBSXBQLabor answered…4wks

I think considering our country is also an island I believe less money should be dedicated on International military bases and more defensive funding should be prioritised to naval and air fleets.


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