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Should convicted criminals have the right to vote?

Results from Labor

Last answered 5 minutes ago

Criminal Voting Rights Poll Results for Labor


63,968 votes



29,090 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by Labor.

4 Yes answers
1 No answers
0 overlapping answers

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Learn more about Criminal Voting Rights

Felony disenfranchisement is the exclusion from voting of people otherwise eligible to vote due to conviction of a criminal offense, usually restricted to the more serious class of crimes deemed felonies. People service sentences of five years or more are not allowed to vote while they are in jail. Disenfranchisement does not continue after release from jail/prison. The Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902 denied the franchise to vote to anyone 'attainted of treason, or who had been convicted and is under sentence or subject to be sentenced for any offence, punishable by imprisonment for one year or longer.' In 1995 the act was relaxed to include only people who are serving prison sentences of more than five years.  See recent criminal voting rights news

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