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Labor’s political stances on foreign policy issues

Foreign Policy issues

Should citizens lose their citizenship if they join a terrorist organization in a foreign country? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Yes Source

Should the U.S. accept refugees from Syria? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Yes, we should accept 10,000 refugees Source

Should the U.S. remain in the United Nations? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Yes Source

Should every 18 year old citizen be required to provide at least one year of military service? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: No, service should be a choice instead of an obligation Source

Should the government conduct military strikes against North Korea in order to destroy their long-range missile and nuclear weapons capabilities? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: No Source

Should the government attempt to influence foreign elections? stats discuss

Labor have not answered this question yet. Would you like to suggest their answer?

Should the government send in ground troops to fight ISIS? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: No, not until they attack us on U.S. soil Source

Should Australia allow the U.S. to operate military bases located in Australia. stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Yes Source

Should the government increase or decrease military spending? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Decrease Source

Should Australia take an aggressive stance against Japanese whalers? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Yes, and take an active stance to stop whaling all over the world Source

Do you support the military offensive against ISIS in the Iraqi city of Mosul? stats discuss

Labor voters: Yes Source

Should the U.S. overthrow President Assad of Syria? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: No, this would allow ISIS to control Syria Source

Should the government increase or decrease foreign aid spending? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: Increase Source

Do you support the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: No Source

Should Australia back the Egyptian military's crackdown against the muslim brotherhood? stats discuss

Labor’s answer: No, the Muslim Brotherhood won control of the Egyptian government in a democratic election and Australia should support its cause Source

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