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Green’s political stances on immigration issues

Immigration issues

Should immigrants be deported if they commit a serious crime? stats discuss

Green voters: Yes Source

Should Muslim immigrants be banned from entering the country until the government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists? stats discuss

Green’s answer: No, banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional Source

Should Australia accept asylum-seeking boat immigrants? stats discuss

Green’s answer: Yes Source

Should there be a temporary ban on all immigration into the country? stats discuss

Green’s answer: No Source

Should immigrants be required to learn English? stats discuss

Green voters: Yes Source

Should immigrants be required to pass a citizenship test to demonstrate a basic understanding of our country’s language, history, and government? stats discuss

Green voters: Yes Source

Should the government increase or decrease the amount of temporary work visas given to high-skilled immigrant workers? stats discuss

Green’s answer: Increase, our economy relies on businesses hiring the highest skilled workers at the lowest cost Source

Should immigrants be allowed to hold dual citizenship status? stats discuss

Green voters: Yes Source

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