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@62L2G6NGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…3wks

@632TS9RGreenfrom Victoria  answered…3wks

@62HTVFYLiberal Democratfrom Victoria  answered…3wks

Duel decision,unless in cases of rape,incest or danger to the mother or child or with written consent of both mother and father to have an abortion within 3 months.Legally it should be both parents decision.If father wants an abortion and mother doesn't he should not be held financially responsible for the child and vice versa if the father does want the child and the mother doesn't.

@5WYCRHFLiberalfrom Western Australia  answered…3wks

Pro-life, with the waiver that if a woman's life is at risk and at least two doctors agree she is, then an abortion should be allowed. In general though, abortions should be discouraged, and neither women or men should be allowed to insist on an abortion for the woman in question, nor she herself, if neither child or woman is in any physical danger.

@62N5ZRDDemocratic Labourfrom Victoria  answered…3wks

Nothing to do with Church OR State - Leave it out of the Political Arena

no because it is a part of the environment so then if they love the environment then its ok but if they don't its wrong

@9MBKD79Nationals answered…4wks

I agree with abortion only if the men get a say, its unfair for the woman to make the decision on abortion or not but then the man has to cover the financial side of things

@9HMB27BNationals answered…4wks

Pro life but allow for consideration in instances of rape or danger to an individual whilst additionally increasing a focus on and access to contraception and sex education to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, seek greater encouragement for adoption in cases where households are unable to raise a child safely or effectively

@9H8ZDH3Labor answered…4wks

okay being pregnant young is hard, but if you didnt use protection and you knew the risks killing the baby is unfair and selfish. plus not many women have the opportunity that you have .

the only reasons i think an abortion should be allowed is if you got pregnant because of, rape, drugged, forced, sexual harassment, manipulation, ( condoms broke or the pill or rod didnt work ).

@9G6XJL5Justice answered…4wks

It's the mothers choice of what she wants, not mine or anyone else who is carrying a child

@9LS426COne Nation answered…4wks

Abortion is murder and should be legislated as such. If the life of the mother is in the balance then a court exemption should be applied for. Additional education and adoption services made available. Too many infertile couples and no options to adopt in this country.

@9KNY4GXReason answered…4wks

Pro-choice, but only allowed upto the first 4 weeks, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

@9JD8NK8Labor answered…4wks

Pro- choice but an after the first three months. Education should also be prioritised to help reduce numbers.

@9JCG9DTNationals answered…4wks

I would say that I am pro-life, however in cases of rape, incest, danger to the mother/child or in circumstances where the parent is not going to be able to provide a safe, secure upbringing to the child due to financial circumstances etc - abortion should be allowed.

@9H8T2K6Animal Justice answered…4wks

Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child. As well as providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

@9QJR4NPPirate Party answered…1 day

i think that people that have been victim of rape or other horrible experiences should be able to abort their child, however people that have had multiple abortions and are and are a 'career aborter' shouldn't be able to.

Pro-life but at the same time it is your body and it is your choice

@9Q882SVPirate Party answered…2wks

Pro-life unless it were cases of rape, unable to provide for the child financially, danger to the mother or child or after the first four months.

@9Q693QYFamily First answered…2wks

@9Q68QKHNick Xenophon Team answered…2wks

I am pro choice, however it needs to be unanimous. I believe it would be unfair for either person to have more of a say than any other. I also think fathers should have more of a say. If a father says no to having a baby and the mother says yes, more often than not the baby will be aborted, however if the father says yes to abortion and the mother says no, I don't think the father should be forced to pay any child support as he already asked for the child to be aborted as he indicated he would either not be able to or want to take care of the child. The decision must be two way and not one. If the mother chooses to have the baby against the fathers will then she must not expect anything from the father. If he can't choose to have or not have the baby, he should at least be able to choose whether or not he wants to raise it.

@9Q2KYTPSocialist Alliance answered…2wks

mothers choice, but has to be very very early on in the pregnancy.

@9Q2G6Q3Liberal answered…2wks

I am a male and I believe I have no voice in this matter, this is a battle for the female conservative.

@9PRMX4TNick Xenophon Team answered…3wks

Pro choice, up to 20 week scan (which is the one that detects most foetal abnormalities). A woman should have the right to decide if she is emotionally, intellectually and financially able to raise a child with disability.

After this, it should only be available in extreme cases after doctor and psych review.

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…3wks

Pro-choice, the government has no right to ban it. To improve the health and wellbeing of the population, the government should provide elementary sexual education and public health campaigns that advocate safe sex and knowledge of STIs.

@9NDKCPNHealth Australia answered…3wks

Pro-choice but the government has no right to ban it and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions. You should be able to choose what you do with your body.

I don't agree with abortion because the male should have worn a condom before having sex so the female would be well aware.

@9NCT75GAnimal Justice answered…3wks

I believe both. Women should have the right to bring new life into the world of and when they choose. Abortion should definitely be an option due to rape, health concerns, incest it could be an unexpected pregnancy and they aren’t ready.

@9MXRPM3Science answered…4wks

her body her choice, but as a partnership, each couple should consider the choice as it affects them.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…4wks

Abortions should be freely available regardless of how pregnancy happened. Not everyone is able to support children, not everyone is capable of delivering children. Government should not have a say in this as it affects the individual needing/wanting an abortion.

@9L4T233Nick Xenophon Team answered…4wks

Pro-life, but the government should support the mothers and children.

@9KWHKR5Labor answered…4wks

@Chantelle-EvansGreen answered…4wks

Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape only after the adoption option has been refused, but up to 2 months along (roughly when the foetus/baby forms a heartbeat, so before then). I’d also allow in cases of incest if significant issues are detected, and up to the end of the second trimester if the mothers life is at risk in any pregnancy.

@9K79QLNDemocratic Labour answered…4wks

it is impermissible and completely prohibited to conduct an abortion if the age of the fetus has reached 120 days. This is because it is considered killing a soul which the almighty has forbidden, except by right.


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