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@62NHYMQLiberalfrom New South Wales  answered…3wks

@62XJPJQGreenfrom South Australia  answered…3wks

@62KWCBXGreenfrom South Australia  answered…3wks

Decrease, until no Australian citizen is homeless, and everyone can afford heating in winter and cooling in summer, and 3 healthy meals every day

@9MY4BQVNationals answered…4wks

It depends, only if they want help, there's proof it's going to people who need it, and they have no human rights violations. Always help with natural disasters.

@9DVFMT6Arts Party answered…4wks

Review all multilateral aid for efficacy, and end support for non-efficacious programmes.

@9GM9FRGNationals answered…4wks

No, we have our own issues that the money could be better used for

@9FJGM3PReason answered…4wks

Increase, provided the country meets certain human rights standards

@9FHZQQVIndependent answered…4wks

Increase, but target new spending to our Pacific neighbours