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@9ZJXCYWArts Party answered…5hrs

no bank management should get the same size bonus as all their employees

@9XF7557Labor answered…3mos

Yes, so that shareholders can determine if a CEO is worth tens of millions of dollars every single year.

@9VNCBZXLiberal Democrat answered…6mos

Bonuses should be directly related to successful outcomes and should not be paid if (pre determined) outcomes are not met.

@IOXSIndependent answered…6mos

No, but there should be a safety cap on the percentage of a bank's total holdings it can risk per investment type, meaning a cap on potential bail-outs. Eg. Allowing a higher risk cap on mortgages than on companies.

They should not receive bonuses at all it as drives dishonesty,greed,conflict of interest and foul play


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