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Yes, but require the labelling of foods that are genetically modified

@4TC4JQ6from New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Yes, but under capitalism all GM foods are exploited for competition

@4W5SYJ3Greenfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

I don't really agree with GM food but the term is a bit misleading as most foods we now eat have been "genetically engineered" eg. Broccoli didn't used to exist. Genetics are important in feeding the world. But I do think producers should not be able to patent seeds and there should be labelling. Crops should only be grown in enclosed places so as not to contaminate nearby other crops.

@HippopiJ answered…2mos

Yes, but only after rigorous testing to ensure environmental safety and regulated for human consumption.

@9353BBF answered…5mos

Yes; where safe and environmentally friendly to do so, the use of, labelled, genetically engineered crops and foods should be permitted.

@92XSQTLGreen answered…5mos

Yes as long as they are modified to be 100% safe and it is labelled so customers are aware of risks

@92F7GSZ answered…6mos

Yes but in general food warnings/labels and government checks on compliance need to be increased

@9236KWK answered…6mos

@8ZLMKPH answered…7mos

People have got to eat. I don't believe the genetically modified foods has as much nutrition value

@8ZHYK8NLabor answered…7mos

Yes, but have more labelling and regulation and funding to make sure environmental and impact to humans are known

@8Z55C7SLiberal answered…8mos

Yes, but require the proper labelling informing that they are modified and have undergone testing that they are safe to consume

@8YYLRDVGreen answered…8mos

@8XL2M9QOne Nation answered…11mos

over 90% of all crops and even some animals are genetically modified, so this is a stupid question for ignorant people.

@8WXSCXZLiberal Democrat answered…11mos

Yes, but the government should incentivise business's not to create them.

@8WKGHY8 answered…12mos

Producers should not be able to patent seeds and require to label the genetically modified foods

@8VQPVZ3Green answered…1yr

@8TLHQKVGreen answered…1yr

Yes, only with extensive research on the potential environmental impacts of altering the genes of crops eg. super weeds

@8TCB5WTPirate Party answered…1yr

Yes, but producers shall not be allowed to patent seeds AND foods that are genetically modified must be labelled

@8QWKK2J answered…2yrs

Yes but must be incredibly regulated and health checked but I would prefer non modified food.

@8PD787J answered…2yrs

Yes, particularly if they have reduced environmental impacts, less resource intensive and have higher yields

@8NX7LXP answered…2yrs

Yes but not for food crops until further research has been done on the potential risks associated

@8M853JB answered…2yrs

Yes but heavy regulations including labelling and the inability to patent the seeds

@8GKH5Z2 answered…2yrs

No, but we should invest significantly more in research about genetically engineered foods and crops.

@8D2H6GM answered…2yrs

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