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@9QF26N4Arts Party answered…2wks

They should still keep on funding the police but needs to be on high alert if there is a corruption within the services.

@9HNV42BNick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

No, there should be police reform to ensure incidence of police brutality is reduced

@9HMMB2WGreen answered…1mo

Funding should be decreased and used to for social and community based programs

No - increasing funding will allow for greater effectiveness and the reduction of issues used against the police

@9GQKNM9Green answered…1mo

No. Police and social community programs should work together with more training and funding for all.

@9PL59RHNick Xenophon Team answered…4wks

Police should be demilatarised. This does not entail a funding reduction, but more money should go to social and community programs

@9LRYSTFGreen answered…1mo

Yes, but police should still have sufficient funding and resources to do their regular job and tasks.

@9KW6259Science answered…1mo

I don’t think we need to replace the police but change how they are funded and what there responsibilities are and find different jobs to replace those responsibilities that shouldn’t be placed on the police

@9KGFX6WSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Achieving a fair balance between police funding and social and community based programs is key.

@Chantelle-EvansGreen answered…1mo

No increase funding for training and initial screening/assessment of suitability for someone to become a police-person. This needs to be in all police departments in all communities.

@9J6HYMJDemocratic Labour answered…1mo

No, increase training for police to equip them with more non-violent solutions and techniques


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