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Yes, but more funding into should go to education about safe drinking and violence


No, these laws only served to funnel people into areas that were uneffected by the lock out laws.


Violence can happen at any time of the night, should be more focused on intoxication levels


Lock out laws need to be refined and suited towards supporting small businesses and creating equality with all. E.g., casinos having lock out laws.

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Yes, "Alcohol Culture" is toxic and should be discouraged in society.


Yes but businesses should be subsidized from lost income, there should be other services/non alcoholic options to support wellbeing after lockdown, and there shouldn't be exemptions for spaces like casinos


No, but implementing differing legislation and promoting education towards alcohol fuelled violence


if this is covid lock down related then yes, let me stay in my room and get 99 slayer


No. What’s needed is serious penalties for drunken violence, and proper observance by venues of RSA laws & their obligation to deny entry to intoxicated individuals.


the buisness should make their own choices but it shouldnt be compulsory


People should be able to make their own decisions, and not be punished if they haven't done anything wrong. However, if this is some sort of uncontrollable by other methods outbreak of violence in one particular concentrated area, and everything done previously has failed, and only as a last resort, then I guess (if it's the absolute last thing left to do that would potentially work), you could introduce lockout laws. But it wouldn't be right to have them permanently, unless the issue is neverending.

However, this question is no longer relevant and should be removed, as no lock out laws are currently in effect in Australia.




No, Government has no right dictating the opening and closing hours of private business


Yes; measures that effectively reduce, late night, alcohol fuelled violence should be examined for suitability, appropriately implemented, and periodically reviewed.


Yes, but invite the hospitality industry organisations and employee organisation to establish compensation


No, but Highschool children should be made very aware of the risks of alcohol in a public setting and the punishments need to be made clearer.


Yes, however lockout should begin one hour prior to each establishments closing time (determined by the establishment itself)


50 - 50 The businesses shouldn't be blamed for the actions of a few but also drunk crime should be controlled


No, only if the government combats alcohol and drug abuse. At the current state, it’s good.


No, they increase the chance of violence and excess alcohol abuse within the suburbs and outside of security/police control.


Yes, but monitoring the rate of domestic violence at the same time. People who are inclined to assaulting others in public might do that at home instead.


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