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@9Q2VSHXUnited Australia answered…2wks

Yes, as long as they can compete their own transgender-specific events.

Yes, but with restrictions in events like the Olympics. If the athletic event isn’t separated by sex then trans people have every right to participate.
For events such as the olympics, if the trans athletes started their transition at an early stage in their life then their body should have the same physical abilities as the athletes they are competing with. If their transition occurred after puberty or recent to the event they want to compete in, then it would be an unfair event.
Forcing trans athletes to compete according to their birth assigned sex would also be unfair because of how hormone treatment affects their bodies. Trans women lose muscle mass and would not be as strong as a man. Trans men gain muscle mass and would have an unfair advantage when competing against women.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…4wks

Or just let all the transgenders race against each other because everyone keeps squabbling over whether they’re male or female

@9DF4DPFScience answered…4wks

It should be down to the athletic event organizers to make that decision.

@9MN7HBDPirate Party answered…4wks

It’s a difficult question because why do we separate females and males in sport in the first place? It comes down to more than just hormones. It’s muscle mass, bone density, height, everything. I think a trans category needs to be made because either way it isn’t fair for trans people to compete against males or females.

@9GZ5QJTPirate Party answered…4wks

Yes, provided that abilities are weighed up appropriately and not solely based on gender or hormone levels

@9G4WPQ9Nationals answered…4wks

They should have their own category, similar to the paralympics

@9FXWWMZScience answered…4wks

I think there should be a separate athletic event for transgender men and women and it is unfair for everyone otherwise


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