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@9ND62ZMArts Party answered…1mo

if it is a high end drug or a major life threatening drug like heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, or party pills yes most definitely, but drugs like marijuana or other drugs that are permitted legal in other countries shouldn't be treated as a life threatening drug

@9MWCLD8Health Australia answered…1mo

No, severe prison time without parole if given a fair trial

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1mo

If they were like a cartel or something, maybe. But it would also depend on what other charges are against them.

@9DBCP6CNick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

It depends on how bad of an effect the drugs have on people, however, I don't think it's worth the death penalty. For example, if it's marijuana then a minor sentence is required, but if it's methamphetamine then a harsher sentence should be put in place.

@9D9YLZLScience answered…1mo

No, the death penalty has been abolished and even if it wasn't, it shouldn't be applied at all to drug trafficking

@9D8GS4FSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

I think that there are drug traffickers that are forced to participate in those action to protect there loved ones and not be killed

@9QDGFYMConservatives answered…2wks

no, because then they could escape the police, and possibly live to do it again, but come with a harsher sentence then just 40 years in prison.

@9Q3BNNPLabor answered…3wks

No, we should allow drug use by adults but only through the medical profession.

@9PWVZTYLabor answered…4wks

No, they should not. They should receive a penalty, but there should also be a focus on rehabilitation.

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

No, the death penalty should not exist and drugs should be decriminalised.

@9NCT75GAnimal Justice answered…1mo

No as there are worse crimes such as rape that deserve the death penalty over drugs. They should be sentenced to prison with parole.

@9MKZKTFAnimal Justice answered…1mo

No, they should be sentenced to repay their debt to society

@9MCP37DGreen answered…1mo

Depends on the drug and it’s effects, if it is just weed then the person shouldn’t face death but harder drugs like heroin they should

@9LB7BYTLabor answered…1mo

No, some people do this to help their families and feel this is the only way they can earn money, or there is often threats behind this, I think the drug lords behind the drug traffickers need to be punished.

@9L4DMPDAnimal Justice answered…1mo

i believe if the drug trafficker's did it on purpose then they should be in jail for life because by giving drugs to addicted people can led to many deaths and over doses. but if a person trafficked the drugs without knowing or was being blackmailed the deserve a fair trial and a bit to none jail time.

@9KFH68HNick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

No. Death penalty should not be implemented for any crime as statistics show that states with death penalty generally have higher homicide rates. This is because the theory is that government is instilling this idea that it is okay to take the life of someone who has done something wrong by you. Therefor the death penalty becomes a learned behaviour in the general public.

@9JY7YXNSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

NO, no drug offence is worse than assault, rape, sexual assault, child sex trafficking, human trafficking or any offense similar! Focus on the worse problems because dealing drugs is the least of our worries!

@9JVSW8SReason answered…1mo

@9FMLVKFOne Nation answered…1mo

Legalise and regulate all drugs it will end the illegal drug trade and generate money for the country rather than the criminals.

@9FDXQL3Green answered…1mo

@9FBYWTMPirate Party answered…1mo

No, I think they should be given a fair trial and their sentence be given based on all evidence and a case by case bases.