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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@95DVQNQ answered…3wks

Yes, and provide more free public transportation and spend more towards environmentally friendly solutions

@93TCPTK answered…3mos

@93GJJHJ answered…4mos

Yes, provide more free public transportation and make the spending go towards environmentally friendly solutions

@93DWHNB answered…4mos

@934WQWF answered…4mos

No, but there should be encouragement for people to utilise public transportation more

@934TW2C answered…4mos

Yes, only if spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions, and provide more free public transport

@934NDR9 answered…4mos

Yes but only to add more runs so that late finishing workers don’t have to sleep on the platform

@934N4TN answered…4mos

Yes, investment in regional mass transit such as trains is needed.

@934L7Q3 answered…4mos

Yes, and ensure it is effectively and affordable servicing growth corridors and is not run as a profit generator.

@934JSC8 answered…4mos

Yes but for rural towns not cities, rural towns get nothing right now compared to the billion dollar rebuilds that the cities get for stupid things

@9347S5B answered…5mos

No. We need to be smarter in creating free or cheap public transport. Look to other countries for their transport structure

@933P6SR answered…5mos

yes, however the spending must go toward the safety of passengers

@93325LZLabor answered…5mos

No we should provide more support towards the developing electric car industry and infrastructure

@932X33Z answered…5mos

should include greater spend in regional areas on public transport

@932T2XRLiberal answered…5mos

Yes, however they should review how much money they waste on projects

@932FTCKLiberal answered…5mos

Money should be spent on train and tram lines rather than more buses

@932CBL7 answered…5mos

Yes, only if the spending contributes to environmental health, and there is free (or cheaper) public transportation

@92ZGDWP answered…5mos

@92Y9648Green answered…5mos

Yes, it's so important for independence for those in precarious work (casual etc). Ideally must have environmental goals too.

@92XQLXT answered…5mos

I think we should provide more free public transportation and make it more environmentally friendly

@92X48DF answered…5mos

I rather see money be spent on reviewing the effectiveness of current transport and make sure the system functions into the future. Public transport might naturally become less costly with flexible work and self driving technology and ai to flex up and down service needs.

@92WHP37 answered…5mos

Yes and it should all go toward more accessible public transport and suitable town planning, and environmentally friendly public transport

@92WGCY9 answered…5mos

Yes and provide more free public transportation and environmentally friendly

@92VLXMR answered…5mos

Crack down on people who don't pay their bus fare. Might help reducing the overall cost for the rest of us

@92TP7CJ answered…5mos

Yes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions, like bike paths and rentable bikes/ e-bikes. Improve parking spots eg in japan they have underground storage bays, park in and it takes you car away.

@92TJTG7 answered…5mos

@92SWZMZ answered…5mos

The current allocation should be used towards effective public transport that works towards a plan for years to come


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