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@9HRPVSTSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes they should be banned, but lifestyle politics is not the solution to solving the current environmental crises

@9DQWJGPSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, but make all products 100% biodegradable and increase recycling incentives and protocols.

@9D8ZNPBLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

No, many cheap and well known biodegradable products, unlike truly decomposing substances like shrilk, are very environmentally dubious indeed. Have you ever used biodegradable bags?

Yes and no, if you can recycle it and reuse the plastic, it should not be banned

@9QBJF8PScience answered…3wks

No but a transition should be being made to more bio gradable products and incentives need to be increased to recycle or make a change to better the environment.

@9Q8K6LFReason answered…3wks

No, but it should be incentivised that this becomes the norm

@9Q6879CDemocratic Labour answered…3wks

@9PZNQP9Labor answered…4wks

Yes, but allow access to people with disabilities that rely on the product.

@9MN7HBDPirate Party answered…1mo

Yes but as long as the items are actually being recycled!!!

@9MCRMC7Animal Justice answered…1mo

Yes, and be replaced with more biodegradable plastics or single use products to be made by hemp

@9LRZVMPJustice answered…1mo

no, but such products should be phased out within the next 10 years

@9LRVQHMLiberal answered…1mo

Yes, and ban all disposable products that are not made of at least 69% of biodegradable material

@9KXDWMRNick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

No, as some disabled people rely on these products. So limit the use of them.

@9KFLQQ6Socialist Alliance answered…1mo

I understand the environmental benefits, however, we need to consider a way forward that also considers the needs of disabled people.

@Chantelle-EvansGreen answered…1mo

Only completely biodegradable products of this sort should be available.

@9K2K44BSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Disposable plastics that are necessary for disabled people such as straws should not be banned

@9JPRG32One Nation answered…1mo

No I don't believe we have the equipment to recycle correctly anyway so it really doesn't matter

@9HDRM4RSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Move to 100% recyclable, or 100% biodegradable, as this would be less confusing for customers.

@9H6H27ZGreen answered…1mo

No. Banning plastic straws negatively impacts many in the disabled community

@9H52L2JSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, introduce a flexible policy that will regulate the production and usage of single-use plastic products whilst still acknowledging the circumstances where their usage is required. Eg. medical equipment, people with disabilities, etc.

@9GM9FRGNationals answered…1mo

no, we should just heavily increase the tax like cigarettes

@9FS3NGKGreen answered…1mo

@9FHZQQVIndependent answered…1mo

Yes but a phased ban that supports manufacturers of alternative materials