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@94CF2TS answered…1mo

yes, but only with a valid understanding of politics should they be allowed to vote

@93ZCM2MLabor answered…2mos

@HippopiJ answered…2mos

Permanent residents in Australia for more than 3 years should be able to vote.

@93YB4MP answered…2mos

Only if they have lived here for a certain amount of time, e.g. they should not be allowed to live here for 8 months and vote

@93TNBJR answered…3mos

Yes they should but only if they have worked and paid taxes in Australia for 2 years.

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@936SFYDLabor answered…4mos

No, only citizens born in Australia should have the right to vote.

@934XZ33Green answered…4mos

Yes anyone who has lived here for more than 5 years and has been paying taxes should be able to vote

@92ZFZMW answered…5mos

Yes, so long as they entered legally and have permission to stay permanently.

@92YGGVP answered…5mos

Yes, although mixed feelings of religion becomes a factor in their voting

@92XQF6ZGreen answered…5mos

Yes but only in local election, only if they have lived here for more than 5 years and plan on continuing to live here for at least 2 years

@92X78RD answered…5mos

Yes, if the person has permanent resident or refugee status, or is in the process of obtaining either.

@92WFXFJ answered…5mos

depending on how long they are there cause they also are being run by these people

@92WB57QLiberal answered…5mos

@92VKFYH answered…5mos

Permanent residents who've been in Australia over 10 years with plans to become a citizen at some stage or have an exemption to not become one.

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@92R4X9Z answered…5mos

Yes, they should be able to vote. But they got to respect the Australian law. And not being their own laws over from foreign countries

@92Q6L58 answered…5mos

Like NZ, permanent residents and citizens should be allowed to vote

@92D3KZD answered…6mos

Yes, but only those with recognised and multivarious contributions to the community they live in.

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@92CFFF2 answered…6mos

Yes, anyone who pays taxes should have the optional right to vote

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