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@9V6VZYQIndependent answered…8mos

The government should allow the mining of Uranium but not the trade of such

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

Yes, as long as the uranium is put towards nuclear research and medicine, and not weapons.

@9YPT7LRSocialist Alliance answered…2mos

Uranium is important for our economy and slightly more sustainable nuclear energy in other countries ( granted theyve signed the treaty ), however the longterm environmental effects, especially in marginalised communities, is too great.

@9YMXJSBLabor answered…2mos

Yes should Support mining of Uranium, No it shouldn't be exported, we should use it our selves in the form of Nuclear energy power plants

@9XHM8J4Independent answered…3mos

Yes but neverbto be used for nuclear weapons and only to allied nations

@9VY9B2SSocialist Alliance answered…5mos

Yes, but only if the Uranium is sourced from seawater rather than mined ore.

@9FXWWMZScience answered…1yr

Yes, but it needs to be mined ethically and environmentally

@9DKXD3CLiberal answered…1yr

only if we have that resource to use internally first, and not give it away as a quick win to generate short term jobs

@9VL9GRRArts Party answered…6mos

@9V3PMPWLabor answered…8mos

Yes, but we should also be using the Uranium as an temporary power source while we slowly become more renewable.

@9SKPG3RConservative answered…11mos

Uranium should not be exported, instead, used by the Australian government

@9S2N4NFReason answered…11mos

No, we should mine uranium but use it to our benefit; in technology and energy

@9KNTB9GReason answered…1yr

Mining only for domestic nuclear energy production and research.

@9FZT8M7Science answered…1yr

Yes burn only fun it is domes ethically and environmentally


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